Spaces we Love: Arif and Inderjit’s Mumbai Studio

studio space

arif and inderjit chandni posterYou loved the home of artist-duo Syed and Inderjit  that was featured on this blog recently. Today, I bring you the much-awaited tour of their studio, housed in a 1 BHK Mumbai apartment.

While many of us have seen and admired this Chandni poster (right) Bollywood corner, the rest of the studio is also worth exploring! I had the opportunity to meet the talented duo at a local event in Pune (they jointly run a designer apparel brand called Item Number), and I feel this kitsch-retro yet arty funk style in their studio’s interiors is so them!

Says Arif, “It’s a tiny one BHK apartment in the suburbs of Mumbai. The best thing
about this place is it does not have any high rise/building/house or any
structure on one side thus making it look big, spacious and so unlike
Mumbai congested apartments.”

Inderjit and he were very clear about
turning their studio into a colour riot palette. Rich, colourful and fun!
No wonder they say, they chose the colour Yellow as it represents sunshine,
happiness and warmth.

 It also compliments lots of fun arty stuff that they bought for the studio. They have also done a few doodles of Cat, Mouse
and Monkeys, with marker pens on the walls while the shifting was taking longer than anticipated. They complimented the yellow walls with
transparent camera print curtains to give enough light and protection from the
dust while they worked. Neat, I say!

studio space monkeys on wall

The living room is converted into  their brand Item Number’s work station cum storage place. They commissioned a row
of drawers (the sea blue one with their brand’s cushion covers on it) which
doubles up as a seat when they entertain clients and
guests. It has Arif’s  favorite Sridevi
starrer Chandii poster on one-side and Inderjit’s Oil painting on other.
The work table and the chair with complimentary pink faux leather
upholstery is from Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar.

Arif adds, “The bed room has been
converted into my painting studio consisting of my small and big
canvases, frames, books, colour tubes, brushes and other

I am quite a fan of their work!This is Arif 

at work on one of his paintings
An assortment of painting painting paraphernalia

Religious frames and interesting finds
make for interesting table-top

Item Number)painted metal chair

Item Number)
(Left) Pretty drawer knobs, and (top) Ajantha door handle are some
of the pretty door embellishments the duo has picked on their travels

Item Number)

Item Number)
Item Number)Item Number)

Item Number)
The loo is cutesy kitschy with these messages on elephants’ behinds

Here are the takeaways from this awesome workspace:
1. Decide the mood you want to set
2. Then decide a color that you think best represents the mood.
3. Accessorize accordingly
4. And if you are into collecting things, incorporate them into your decor – this is what will make your space all yours! Say nay to cookie cutter interiors, especially if you are into a creative line of work.
5. And finally, pour your talents into your space.

What did you like best about Arif and Inderjit’s workspace? You were so generous with your comments on their home, and now do the same for their studio!


  1. Such a well written article, gives a gist of the place beautifully. I had the pleasure of visiting their studio and it was an absolute delight! My 4 favourites are , the old school pink metal chair, the very intelligent chest of drawers that doubles as a seater , and the beautiful Inderjit and Arif.

  2. Love it! Just love the doodlesโ€ฆMy dream space!
    Especially love the camera curtains and the pink leather chair!

  3. Awesome studio tour…. Vibrant & Colorful…. Pink and yellow brighten up the mood so much…. Just loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This ia awesome !! so many disparate elements all pulled together so beautifully!

    loved it!


  5. A big THANK YOU Sharon once again.

  6. This looks so much of a fun place !!! I love that monkey doodle !!!

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  8. I also loved that Monkey Doodle ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Love the blue drawers cum seating.The sea-horse inside a frame is a great idea.Thank you for showcasing this studio,Sharon.

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