Snapshots of my Vacation

It’s the monsoons, and the perfect time for a quiet, picturesque retreat at a very familiar place – my parents’ coffee estate where I spent many of my childhood holidays. Rich in flora and fauna, with the River Badra enveloping it on 3 sides, this place is close to Kudremukh National Park, an ecological hotspot.

The famous vakil bench
The famous vakil bench – almost every
old house has one of these.

A Mangalore-tiled roof with rafters and an antique light bulb
A Mangalore-tiled roof with rafters and
an antique light bulb.


I love peeking through this chik and enjoying the rain


The river beyond the coffee plants
The river beyond the coffee plants.

The anthurium plant


Pretty hedges flower
Pretty hedges


China Pinks flower
I’m not sure if these are China Pinks, but
I spend a lot of time admiring them!


Periwinkles in the hedge
Periwinkles in the hedge


Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns


anthurium plants
More anthurium plants


A rain-drenched rose
A rain-drenched rose


the Malabar Grey Hornbill on the tree
Can you spot the Malabar Grey Hornbill on the tree?

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  1. Thanks for your comment, Sharon.
    Nice blog! Loved your rain pictures.
    Btw, the bird in your picture is a Malabar Grey Hornbill. And it's not migratory but an endemic – it's found only in the Western Ghats and nearby forests.

  2. Wow Beej! Thanks for the input! I shall make the necessary changes. We spent hours looking at it, and the locals hadn't seen it earlier, so that's why I said migratory:)


  3. Hi Sharon!!Such a beautiful place!! Imagine waking up to such beauty everyday… lovely…!!

  4. Wow i LUV THIS PLACE…wish i could go here,..;-)

  5. Sharon –
    What an incredible
    Garden of Eden!
    Thanks for sharing this tour —


  6. Gorgeous place and lucky you! 😉

  7. Must be very rich in birdlife. Near the river ensures a wonderful diversity.

  8. What a lovely home! Loved seeing all the vibrant plants around the home.

  9. Wow, it looks so peaceful, would love to be there one day!

  10. It looks beautiful, Sharon! I'm sure it's gorgeous even when it doesn't rain.

  11. You are one lucky woman!! Love it!!

  12. beautiful place to have a vacation.

  13. look like u have come back all fresh and green :). Holidays are always such a dream, so when someone actually has a good holiday, it gives me a fuzzy feeling too!!

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