Slide Show: The ABC’s of Home Decoration

A new homecorrdior is like a clean slate – you have to start right from scratch. From anchoring a layout to piecing together your ideas, decking up a space can be equally gratifying and unnerving. Sure, there are countless design blogs to help you decide how far above your table you should hang artwork or what latest color schemes to opt for in your living room. But nothing can teach you more about decorating a home than experience – some trials and a whole lot of errors! So throw your inhibitions to the wind, pull up your socks, and get your hands dirty. Because a personal touch to a home’s décor can make all the difference! Sharing the ABC’s of home decoration to help you get a head start on your next décor project.

Pic via Designer Lagan Budhwars Rented Home Tour



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  1. Great Post…! Absolutely you are right. I like your home decoration tips and ideas. Specially i like your cleaning tips. Your advise is helpful is my home decor. You are so creative. Thanks for share your advice.