Slapdash Harmony in your Home

Have you ever put together “stuff” and then been totally taken aback by the way all the mismatches have blended in harmoniously? The slapdash look is in, and here are some interesting ways to achieve it in your home. In today’s post, let’s focus on color. Color is Magic, the key to the Slapdash look.

I have learnt that the first thing to remember with Colors in this look, is Contrast. If you have two dominant colors (black and orange, brown and sky blue, brown and orange) and intersperse them with one or more complementary colors., you can never go wrong.

using Contrasts color in the Slapdash look

I thought this picture from a recent copy of The Canadian House and Home portrays a perfect example of using Contrasts in the Slapdash look. It is the Montreal, Canada home of Oorbee Roy (of Om Home fame). I love the way the dominant dark wood and orange combination gives way to a white table and soothing green. I thought the white table was a brilliant way to take the monotony out, and add slapdash in.

Aah, Textures!
When choosing colors for your home, also remember that textures rather than patterns are important. Check out the breezy look created by Domino Mag in the picture below. Chenille upholstery teamed with cotton and silk cushion covers serve to harmonize this look and add the continuity to the flowing colors on the wall.

Slapdash Harmony color in your Home

Be bold or bright
Bold, vivid colors such as purple, royal pink, fusion-green and wave blue in your living room, contrasted with a neutral color will also help you achieve Slapdash color.

contrasted with a neutral color to achieve Slapdash color
Picture courtesy: Om Home

The long and the short of it
You don’t really have to invest in long lengths. A rug here, a cushion or throw there, will work well enough to give wonderful Slapdash results.

A shaggy leather rug from Artage India
A shaggy leather rug from Artage India.




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