Simple Styling Ideas: Styling with the humble ‘Barni’ or Indian Pickle Jar

Simple Styling Ideas - 'Barni' or Indian Pickle Jar

There’s something amazing about a barni, that I can’t quite put my finger on. It is as precious as a mason jar is to the West – with the 1001 uses it gives people in styling, gifting and decorating, as well as in food storage and presentation!┬áThe barni is like that too. Humble, gorgeous, and something that will look good anywhere!

barni collage

I would love to start with an image of barnis in my mom’s kitchen. Because really, long before they came into fashion, I have seen my grandmother putting tall ferns in a gigantic barni in her living room. My mom on the other hand, displays tiny barnis in her kitchen like so.

decorating with barni in living room
You can see the full tour of my parents’ home here.

But when I got my hands on my own barnis the kitchen was ruled out, because my kitchen is in a French-Anglo country style, and they just would not have looked their best there!

This one here is an old barni that someone in my neighborhood had thrown away. I have no qualms about picking up discarded treasures, and I painted it blue just to experiment and see if the spray paint I was using on another project worked on this. It did! But this is a half-finished project. That didn’t stop me from using the barni as an umbrella stand this monsoon!

barni 76_HDR

The antique barni I picked up on my travels down South this year is in surprisingly good condition! So these are up-close pictures of it used in different styling arrangements in my home.

barni and flower vase

Antique frame, barni and a matching vase I picked up online along with books and flowers and bells – a vignette!

barni with a matching vase

In the next pic, you see white roses in the barni adding charm to my living room. I love the way the neutrals of the flowers and the barni give a visual break from the overdose of colour on my upholstered bench.

white roses in the barni

When I made this chalkboard frame and paired with the barni, I loved the way it all came together!

chalkboard frame and barni

Here’s another arrangement on the same spot.

roses on barni

My blue frame with its handmade chalkboard has brought on the blues in this corner!

blue frame

On DecorDrama’s #Vignette day, I posted this pic and a lot of people exclaimed over the unusual use of the barni. Which is what probably prompted this post. If you are a decor lover and not yet on DecorDrama, connect with me on Facebook and ask me to add you.

Styling with the humble Barni or Indian Pickle Jar

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the wooden decorative frames



  1. Great post Sharon! This reminded me of the beautifully displayed Barni’s in my mom’s house. She had a special pickle room where she fondly stored all her pickles in similar barnis and kept them spotllessly shining. You have given it a whole new look by bringing them into your decor space!!

  2. HI
    Nice use of old bharanis…its awesome to see such old things passed through generations in such new incarnations.

    Please have a look at this

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  4. Sharon,lovely post. I thoroughly enjoyed going through it.I could only think of using this Barni as a flower or plant holder?. Ihv a huge one lying somewhere.. I know what to do with it now ?. .

    • Thanks so much Honey Aulakh. And so lovely to see a comment from you on my blog, after interacting on Instagram for so long! ?