September Blog Carnival Round Up

I am super excited to see so many entries for the September blog carnival – Say it with flowers. Just thought a round up of the entries would be great so that everyone can stop by and enjoy the lovely flowers our blogger friends sent us. We have a brand new blog carnival starting tomorrow, I am hoping to see the same excitement come through. Btw, one of you will be the owners of the stylish tote soon, so drop in to check out the winner of the anniversary giveaway.


  1. wow!! that was some flower shower!!

  2. Its been raining here for weeks now. As I didn't want to get drenched flowers home, I kept putting it off and now finally I'm too late to join the flower party. Sorry S&R! 🙁

  3. i just totally forgot about it!!!!!!and when i actually remembered october has started:-( ok atleast will try to send kitchen pics!!!!

    awesome round up! congratulations !!!!