Rajboori: The colors of India on your bed.

colorful cushion covers from Rajboori

the colorful collection of bedsheet and pillow cover from Rajboori

Rajboori has launched its fresh new 2010 collection inspired by the sights of India. I meant to feature this lovely company ages ago, but somehow it slipped my mind. Sorry Mitun! Well, this morning I received an e-newsletter from the company, and that’s when I realized I hadn’t yet featured them. A quick search though my mailbox helped me locate the emails from Mitun telling me about Rajboori.

Cushions from the Rajboori new collection
Cushions from the new collection

Rajboori is a collection of home design textiles that began as a collaboration between home textile industry veteran, Mitun Chakrabarti and Industrial Designer Stephen Burks of Readymade Projects. The beauty of this label is that it uses an indigenous developed rare variety of Peace Silk to bring out the same appeal of royal and elegant designs that ancient India produced.

Love the Rajboori collection of coloful India-inspired coverlets
I love their collection of colorful
India-inspired coverlets!


Rajboori display at Provide in Vancouver
Rajboori display at Provide in Vancouver

Until recently Rajboori did not directly retail its products, it’s only storefront being Provide in Vancouver. However, the newsletter I received today says that Rajboori is also available at the following locations. So all you Keybunch readers in Canada, Spain and Germany, this is where you can buy your Rajboori bed linen from!

Modern Karibou, Canada
Nanimarquina, Barcelona
Blanket Store, Frankfurt
Unternehmenform, Stuttgart



  1. Loved those colorful pillow covers 🙂 they look so pretty!

  2. Lovely! I wish they had a retail outlet in India..

  3. what vibrant colours!! 🙂
    its a nice collection.

  4. so pretty! I love the colors!

  5. the colours look gorgeous.. and I like the display as well..

  6. Very adorable colors….. They are enough to remind u every moment that u r alive & beaming…… Lovely captures to make us all drool….. CHEERS!!!!!


  7. Love the colourful pillow display:)

  8. wow,..excellent coolection

  9. Beautiful textures… This kind of cosy warm texture comes only from peace silk. Lovely colours too.

  10. Absolutely fab stuff !! Love the colours but what really struck me was the unique design …thanks for sharing !!

  11. This is Mitun from Rajboori! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about our collection! Thanks to Sharon as well for contacting us. We definitely have plans to launch our products in India sometime in the near future so we hope to have your support then. Life is bland without color!

  12. loved ur colors and loved ur blog iam following u .
    if u get a chance pls do stopby at my blog dear

  13. 2 new pics.. !! wow!! such gorgeous colours!