Products we love: A reclaimed wood cathedral design bookshelf from Ra Lifestyles, Pune

With a spate of new furniture shops selling old furniture, antiques, and the like, designs are often replicated, leaving potential customers bored and frustrated! So when I spotted this beautiful book case from Ra Lifestyles, I had to tell my readers about it.

saal wood, reclaimed wood book shelf
A beautiful cathedral design, so unique for a book shelf!

Says Mihir Shah, the owner of the Pune-based store, “This rack is made of old sleeper wood, this wood is hard wood also called as saal. This wood is close to 100 years or over 100 years old. Its rough texture makes it fun to work with and if you add colours it looks even more beautiful”

ra lifestyles pune
The dreamy setting at the the Ra store in Pune

Why you should buy it?
Booklover or not, this bookshelf is sure to up the elegance factor in your space by several notches. Take a cue from the people at Ra, and incorporate it into a simple yet dramatic setting like the one above. You could also use it as an accent piece to display collectibles or old crockery.

I totally recommend this piece by Ra for the minimalistic home that wants to introduce an element of warmth through textures, colors and shapes, rather than through opulence!

For more information contact Ra Lifestyles on Facebook.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for featuring Ra product on the key bunch.

    Would like to inform you, we have an entire series in sleeper wood saal wood.


  2. Rustic and unique…loved the setting at the store 🙂

    • Soujanya, thanks for stopping by! Actually I haven't visited Ra in a while, and I agree with you! My visit there is long overdue!