Product Review: Engrave Name Plates

Product Review: Engrave Name Plates

After sprucing up the entrance to my apartment (specifically the little enclosed space just outside the door and inside the safety door), I decided to change the name plate too. I still love my old one (see it here), but my son is no longer the babe-in-arms as depicted in it! Funnily, at the same time, Engrave asked me to review their nameplates, and I ordered this one titled the Branch of Love.

Site Usability and Ease of Customization/ Selection has a great user interface and site design. Registering is easy, the picture quality of the products is superlative, and ordering and selecting your nameplate is a breeze. Here’s a screenshot of the selection and customization procedure when ordering your nameplate.

Checkout, Payment Options and Ease of Ordering
I only shop at sites that have Netbanking and Cash on Delivery Options, and I was happy to note that Engrave has both. However, the COD option will cost you an extra Rs. 50, something I was not too happy with!

Customer Support and Online Chat
I contacted their customer support through the very convenient online chat help window (see screenshot below), and the person I spoke to was quite knowledgeable and satisfactorily cleared all my doubts.

Product Delivery
I had ordered anonymously to ensure that I wasn’t given preferential status just because I was reviewing the product. The product was delivered at my neighbor’s place and I was quite delighted with the quick delivery, careful packaging, and the overall quality of the delivered product. No chips, dents or damages! Believe me, this is a very valid concern with products such as these, and I have had some bad experiences with other vendors in the past.

Product Quality
I waited a whole month before writing this review specifically because the area where I have mounted this piece receives a lot of sunshine in the winter months. This is a wood-engraved product and I thought it would start warping in direct sunlight, but no such thing happened. The pictures you see here were clicked just yesterday after a whole month in the sunlight. So I am quite pleased with the quality. I did find the engraving a bit dull, but on the other hand, this is what imparts a subtle beauty to it, quite a change from the in-your-face nameplates you see everywhere these days.

Styling Advice to my Readers

As mentioned above, the nameplate has a dull finish. It has an understated elegance that needs to be highlighted with a bit of color in something else around it. I had just painted my gate a Feroze Blue.

Bougainvillea was a natural choice especially this hot pink color that goes so well with blue. It was a coincidence that my husband brought home some Carnations in the same color, so I put them in water right there to brighten things up a bit more.

Before the bougainvillea plants arrived, I made do with a yellow pop of color. And on the opposite wall just before we left for our Christmas break, this pink lantern provided a pop of color for some time.

So when you buy this wood
engraved nameplate, ensure that you have a pop of color nearby to brighten things up a bit, and highlight the engraved wood!

And, oh! my old nameplate – I don’t have the heart to get rid of it, so it is still making an appearance! I guess I am lucky that it mentions our surname, so there is no repetition! All is well that ends well, I say!

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