Perk up your Decor with Floating Beauties

the beautiful flower bowl in baliImage source

I feel so good when I see a bowl of floating flowers at the entrance, especially the large urlis that are placed in resorts and hotels. Floating flowers in a bowl are probably the easiest way to perk up décor. I love the way people use permutations and combinations of flowers and come up with striking designs. What’s more interesting is the fact that you don’t really need expensive flowers for this arrangement. You can pick up some fallen flowers off the streets, from your yard or use a couple of petals from flowers and garnish a bowl filled with water. If you have the time, patience and creativity, you can come up with a conversation starter. Take a look at some of inspiring designs I found.

use a couple of petals from flowers and garnish a bowl filled with waterImage source

Floating petal from flower in a water potImage source

floating flowers in a bowlImage source

You don’t really need huge bowls like these to create such floating beauties, any bowl from the kitchen will do. Place it near the entrance or use it as a center piece for the welcoming effect. I often use this quick fix decor idea during festivals but I think I should be doing this up regularly. If you have pictures of floating flower arrangements, do share them with us.

Update: Check out Lakshmi’s blog “Celebrations decor” for more interesting ideas.


  1. lovely isnt it?
    if you see my blog,you can see floating arrangements in floating nice and fresh..

  2. I used to have two teracotta urlis at home but now my son has broken the bigger one. these days actually cannot keep anything at his level so the smaller one is placed on a side table. love the third decoration…such a riot of colour.

  3. I have one like this at home.In Brass. From my great grandma. Love to decorate it with flowers.Looks lovely.

    The decorations shown here are quite fab—very very nice

  4. Lovely post and flowers in the entrance are so welcoming and add to the decor….

  5. omg luks beautifull, fantastic.. very good presentation… i use to have them in india… loved the way u decorated them happy to follow ur blog. if u find time visit my blog

  6. Lovely, simple idea (those are the best kind aren't they!!)…Lakshmi's blog is a treasure trove of ideas too.. 🙂

    Nice post, Rekha!

  7. Love crazy about them!!

  8. I have always fantasized them….. I loved these spectacular captures….drool worthy….. 🙂


  9. very pretty… wish I could also smell their fragrance:)

  10. Lovely pics, Rekha. These are such lovely arrangements, and like you said -any flowers will do!

  11. Yup, like everyone else I love those urlis.

  12. Nice floating flower decorations, i love it.

  13. Oh soooooooooooooooooooo pretty… I can smell them.. i love.. love the second image.. I so want a urli … a big huge one.. 🙂

  14. So pretty !…so simple and so welcoming!!…love the first image 🙂

  15. Hi, first time here… followed you here from the comment you left on my blog. I am a typical foodie and it is very refreshing to see a site about decorating. You have a nice collection… guess I will be visiting often to pick up tips.

  16. what a lovely post! I am a big fan of the urli too! And yes Lakshmi's blog is a must visit for flower decor ideas…i hv always been her fan!

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog,you have a awesome blog with wonderful tips for home décor,love to follow you…Glad to know you talk kannada:)

  18. My Mum in law sent me a huge uruli this time from India and I simply love showing it off. 🙂

    I am waiting for Diwali to deck it up for the occasion.