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Mumbai based, an online store that sells lifestyle products, was co-founded by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah, both ex eBay employees.

I have long been a shopper at PepperFry. I remember my first purchase from their store was a baby high chair picked up for a dear friend’s newborn way back in early 2012, as soon as the site went online. Though new, I was really happy with the quality, and the lucky baby still uses it. It has weathered rough use, and physical abuse by the baby, so that’s good! πŸ™‚

But that was then. I recently received a gift voucher from the company, and I thought it would be interesting to see if these quality standards have changed since that first shopping experience with them.

What I bought After browsing through the site, I decided to use the voucher against these purchases:
A matki-shaped plant holder by Goyal
A magnetic photo frame by SnapGalaxy
A whimsical antique-finish miniature bugle by TuCasa

The matki planter from Goyal arrived first. It was a slightly different shade than I expected (the site mentioned that it was a golden color. However, it looked more black/copper than gold to me, and when I saw the actual shade, I was worried that it would look awful with my dark teak furniture). Also, since dimensions were not mentioned on the site, I was surprised that it was so big!

I didn’t waste any time setting it up! I didn’t have long stemmed flowers or a plant in a pot small enough to fit into the matki’s mouth, but I had access to palms from the society garden.

wooden stool

This was my first attempt – I placed it directly
on a wooden stool, but as you can see, the matki kind
of blended into the wood color of the stool

table cloth on wooden stool

I tried to improve the look with a small table cloth
that fed off the colors from my rug

table cloth on stool

Another view

The magnetic photo frame came in next. Now, I have secretly admired something similar at my neighbor Neelam’s place, and I was delighted to find one on Pepperfry. When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to set it up, and I assure you, I was not disappointed! It gave life to a bare wall, and the fact that the pics can be changed at one’s whim is the very best thing about this product!

the magnetic photo frame

In broad daylight

…and the was delightful! It actually works, too! So the little ones sometimes amuse themselves with it – it’s light enough to pass off as a toy, antique-looking enough to place alongside my brass ware, and pretty enough for my center table. I think I love it the best of all my purchases, though the photo frame comes a close second!

bugle blends with brass

The bugle blends in with my brass and similar
collectibles on my antique side stand

bugle blends on the coffee table

On the coffee table

bugle blends on table

On the coffee table again!

Here’s how Pepperfry fared on a scale of 1 to 10
Usability – 9
Product Range and Curation – 9
Checkout, online payment – 9
Product Descriptions on the site – 7
Shipping, delivery – 8
Customer Support, Responsiveness – 8
Product Quality – 9

So here’s how PepperFry fared overall!

Please note: This review was completely honest and unbiased. It was based on my latest shopping experience at I only shopped for decor items. I take no responsibility if you shop on the site after reading my review, but end up with a bad experience. Do tell me about it, though πŸ˜‰
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  1. Hi Sharon! your pictures are a constant reinforcement of the fact that we love copper, brass and antiques. Love that bugle and the shape of the matki planter. I thought Pepperfry sold mostly furniture and stuff nothing that looks like this! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Hey thanks for sharing this one. Even am a shopper at pepperfry for long. Till now i dint faced any problem.

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  4. Hi, I had a very bad experience with pepperfry. I got the the same damaged product twice.. I am so fed up with them… I recently tried fabfurnish and to my surprise… they have more variety and better customer care service. I am toh fan of fabfurnish now.. a

  5. Thank You
    your blogs has good information

  6. Hi Sharon,
    Recently my friend ordered lamps from Pepperfry and few were broken. She immediately called the customer care but they refuse to change them. After some days of arguments she ordered from FabFurnish and she love their designs and service.

  7. You've done a marvelous job on all the pieces! I love, love the afters and your decor. Thanks for the hints too!

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  8. The matki planter from Goyal arrived first. It was a slightly different shade than I expected (the site mentioned that it was a golden color. cheap tour packages in dubai

  9. I am looking for a site which is safe for online shopping in Pakistan and which offers cash on delivery facility at your doorsteps?