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Come to tea!

..and have some cake and cookies with me!

Review of – Online Shopping site.
Gurgaon-based is run by a team of qualified professionals. Well, that’s a good thing, but the nosy parker that I am, I looked at their linkedin profiles (sneaky, I know, but I was doing a review, and I felt I had to dig up a bit) and I nearly fell of my chair! The 3 co-founders used to be consultants (at McKinsey, BCG and Bain resp.), some of them are IIM alumni πŸ™‚ – altogether very very impressive!

What I bought
I received a 1k voucher from and I decided to use it against this pretty, pretty cake tin

Noah’s Art and Crafts Cake Tin

I have been doing a lot of baking of late, and this tin is so perfect for entertaining, I had to have it!

I also picked up the tab on a set of adorable tins that I thought would go very well with the cake tin. So, I bought them too! πŸ˜‰ That’s me – an impulsive shopper!

Noah’s Art and Craft Container Set

Aren’t they pretty? 3 little tins with cute red chickens painted on them!

The Site Design and Browsing Experience
Before I show you pics of how I used these products, I want to share my buying experience. First, let me talk about the website. My first impression of the Fabfurnish site was – Amazingly well-designed, great sensitivity to colors, great layouts! The navigation and usability are simply super!

I loved that they have paid special attention to making the search and narrowing down of products. It saves time, and it also lets you choose better. The Categories are perfect – I didn’t find a single instance of a product displayed in the wrong category. You can search by brand, by keywords, and even by price range. Immensely useful features – as a frequent online shopper, I’m telling ya, this is very important!

Curation ..
They have their pulse on what the market wants – that’s for sure! The products are tasteful, not- so-common, contemporary and sometimes drool-worthy. I would love to learn from the people who curate for this site, because they have got everything right!

Actual Registration and Shopping Cart Maneuverability A breeze! No hassles at all – I registered, checked my email, and I was able to log in right away. Yes, we should take these things for granted, but believe me I have been sorely let down in this area on so many sites! FabFurnish registration, logging in and account management is easy-peasy, just the way it’s s’posed to be!

Have you been on those shopping sites with awesome sales, so awesome that you go on a clicking frenzy, adding them to your cart? It’s so much fun, until you check them out and the transaction just doesn’t go through. No disappointments here! It was easy to add and remove products in the cart and change order quantities.

Perfectly satisfactory – the payment gateway did not crash in on me. A big plus point for Fab Furnish! I got the standard email thanking me, I got the standard SMS from the bank, and everything was cool!

A bit of a detour
That’s when I am supposed to relax and get back to work, and wait for my stuff to get delivered right? Well….er, no! I went back to shop! Yea, I did πŸ™‚ and I saw this entertainment unit that I liked on FabFurnish, but it was out of stock πŸ™ – so I checked with them, and they told me to hang on, they would procure a few more pieces. After a few days I recd. an email saying that the units were back in stock, so I rushed and purchased it!Β  Here’s a pic πŸ™‚

Country Arcos Entertainment Unit Solid Wood

Customer Service
This was truly exceptional! My TV unit was due to arrive, but a sudden family trip came about. I panicked because I have been in a similar situation with another shopping site, and it was so badly handled by them. However, one message to FabFurnish was all it took. They stalled my shipment, and they even called me a couple of times to tell me not to worry. The shipment was put on hold until my return, and it just arrived today in great shape. The delivery experience was awesome, and the courier guys carried the unit right inside the house, and even refused a tip! I know they are a different company (Blue Dart) but it added to my whole FabFurnish experience.

Shipping and Delivery
I had no problems at all here! I have some pics to share with you.

1. Gajanan, the courier guy arrives at my door with the parcels.
2. I get ready to snip one open and
3. I get my first peek of the beautiful painted containers

So, the chicken print containers were all good, but I spotted a dent on the cake tin. That was strange though, because the packing was exceptional – layer upon layer of bubble wrap, and lots of paper separated the product from the outer wrapper.

When I saw the dent, I should have been upset, but I thought it added some character to the tin, and I chose not to return it. I didΒ  however, report it to the FabFurnish team, and they were very keen to get it replaced. It would have been an opportunity to check out their returns service, but like I said, I just didn’t want to have a “perfect cake tin” once I saw the dent on it…queer, queer me!

A few pics clicked while I unpacked. The dent is visible on Pic 2

So, want to know how I used these 2 items? I had a li’l tea party – my friends came over and I had a lovely time showing off my pretty collection of tea things.

My pumpkin spice cake stores really
well in this cake tin!

The containers found use as tea bikky tins!

They even match with my butterfly bowls!

So here’s how FabFurnish scored overall!

Please note: This review was completely honest and unbiased. It was based on 3 different shopping experiences at However, I take no responsibility if you shop on the site after reading my review, and end up with a bad experience.Do tell me about it, though πŸ˜‰



  1. Oh thats cake tin looks gorgeous sharon… and tea service even more … Love your review you have covered everything in such detail… will go and check em out πŸ™‚

  2. Oh thats cake tin looks gorgeous sharon… and tea service even more … Love your review you have covered everything in such detail… will go and check em out πŸ™‚

  3. Great review and a wonderful post. Keep up the good work.

  4. I had very bad experience with fabfurnish ….I ordered a clock and was supposed to get delivered in 3 weeks..I kept calling their customer service daily and finally after 6 weeks they told me that it is out of stock and refunded my amount…
    I had really very frustrating experience with the customer support and they never bothered to call me though they promised each time that they would do…

  5. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks Sharon for the review. Always amazing to hear good customer stories!

    @Anonymous: Apologies for the bad experience. Could you please share with us your order number and contact details? We'd love to connect with you.

  7. good coverage. really liked d cake tin. took me to my post

    let's follow each other

  8. thanks for the article interesting … πŸ™‚

    This could give us extra inspiration and increase knowledge.

  9. creative and very beautiful … πŸ™‚

  10. Now I want my very own tea party! Thanks for sharing, Sharon. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Sharon, Thanks for the review….. I am also a crazy shopper…. Even though I may be able to buy all the stuff available but, I do check day-in day-out most of the shopping websites πŸ˜‰ Since I have just finished interiors of my new flat, I wanted to buy stuff from Fabfurnish (mostly Ceramic and Home Decor things) but they certainly have a wide range of items which categorised perfectly. Also they have provided with good pics of almost all items which provides a fair idea.

    But since I was new to Fabfurnish, I was having some apprehension for placing a big order due to some reviews available online (mostly of furniture)… Fortunately, your review has helped me take the decision and place my first order on Fabfurnish.

    Just wanted to thank you!!!


  12. Hai

    I have found Fabfurnish coupons

    Coupon code: FABLOF25

    Flat 25% discount on minimum purchase of Rs. 5999.

    Coupon code: FABLOF30

    Flat 30% discount on minimum purchase of Rs. 19999.

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  13. I agree Sharon on the hassle free shopping policy of this site. I enjoyed every bit of it!

  14. Awesm review! Check out their 3rd Anniversary Sale, it’s so alluring!

  15. Thanks Sharon for the detailed review…I ws looking for a site to buy furniture for my new home…I will definitely approach Fab…this site ws recommended by many of my frends as well…:)

  16. Have you checked the collection of the chandeliers @FabFurnish…its jus WOWWW! I have bought the Fab Light Chic Chandelier 5 lights for my home…such a classic piece at an affordable price…:)

  17. FabFurnish has excellent refund policy as well… few days back I ordered a study table for my child and post its delivery I found that one of the handles of a drawer is broken…After informing the Care team of the defect within two days they took back the defective piece and initiated my refund…everything was so well organised…It is due to their efficiency I feel like going back to the site again…

  18. I completely agree with you, FabFurnish have the best stuff and just like you as well I couldn't stop myself shopping. I wanted to buy some cushion covers, and I completely fell in love with their collection. So colourful and trendy, very much appealing to eyes, I bought almost a dozen *shoppaholic*. My order was delivered well within time. Even the material quality of covers are really good and i even colours did not fade away after wash at home. Such trendy and stylish stuff as such reasonable price.

  19. Awesome review Sharon!
    Must say your post inspired me to buy products from and just as I expected they have an amazing collection of products on their website. As mothers day is approaching, I have ordered a bookshelf for my mom and now eagerly waiting to receive the same. Oh and yes, they have a great sale going on for Mother' Day, do check it out of you are planning to buy something for your mom too. πŸ™‚

  20. Hey Sharon,

    I really want to thank you for this great review, I came across it a week back and got motivated to order a cushion set and side table for my drawing room from, and their customer care girl Asha was so friendly and nice, she assured me safe and timely delivery of my order. And she proved herself right, my living room looks even more charming now!

  21. Hi Sharon,
    I ordered a lamp and a photo frame from FabFurnish. It got delivered within the time period but when i opened it i saw the lamp shade had a crack so i called the customer care service and they got it exchanged without any hassles. They also gave me a sorry coupon which i can use it any time. I am very happy and satisfied with them.

  22. I have purchased product from FABFURNISH 2 months ago and product was not delivered for prepaid order. Manager from FABFURNISH told me to give refund but its 2 months now………very harassed.

    Its 2 month now and my payments is not refunded yet. You have harassed me too much and I have also sent one email 4 days ago and I didn't get any reply from your side regarding my issue. So, I have collected all emails evidence and as well as my credit card statement and saving account statement and going to CONSUMER COURT after Independence Holidays.

    Below are two transaction , which you are claiming that its DONE from your side but not Credited in my Account. Will you tell me where the payment gone?

    Where is refund for Order Number 204667846 has been initiated and the refund amount is Rs. 300.00.The transaction ID for the refund is 9216598561451730

    Where is refund for Order Number 204667846 has already been initiated for the paid price INR 1367/-. The transaction ID for the refund is 8136811381252170.

    Hope you receive your phone in next 4 hours.

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