The numbers tag

Patricia from ColoursDekor tagged me with this numbers tag, and I have procrastinated long enough. With my work load finally getting a lot lighter, here I am getting down it, and I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together! Of course, I am not as good as she is with Photoshop 🙂 so please bear with me if the images are a tad too amateur!

Okay here goes:

1. One God, who takes care of the whole world. He gave us one Sun, and one Moon to mark our days and nights! He also gave me one beautiful daughter 🙂

a beautiful daughter of Sharon

2. Two pairs of feet…to walk together on life’s path. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but always together!

Two pairs of feet to walk together on life's path

3. Three years ago, Johanna was born. We went from being a couple, to a family of three!

Johanna, Sharon's daughter

4. Four chairs at our table, where we sit, eat and connect at the end of the day.

Four chairs at dining table

5. Five precious years of graduate college – the unforgettable years of fun, laughter and smiles. They sure have given me a lot of memories!

Five precious years of graduate college

6. Six years and four months since B and I got married!


7. This is an interiors blog, so there are seven things I am eyeing for my home right now; an old fashioned Christian altar, a Warli-painted wall, a baitak, a colorful cart (the kind that street vendors use; more on this in a subsequent post), a wall with retro movie or Broadway memorabilia, innovative storage and a daybed.

interiors blog

8. The number of hours I get to spend with my daughter every day – eight. Lucky me!

eight hours Sharon spend with her daughter everyday

9. Those nine months of pregnancy that taught me to slow down and be very patient! :)…but still did not prepare me for the demands of motherhood 😉

nine months of pregnancy

10. In Sep 2008, Shashi and I launched The Keybunch…heavens! is this the tenth month already? Jai Ho! 🙂
I don’t have a pic of the two of us…the last time we met we both forgot to get a pic clicked 😛 so this will have to do!

September 2008, launched of thekeybunch

So, get down to it Kala, Priya, Ketchup Girl, orange jammies, Priti, Lakshmi, Judith, Asha, Maina (one of our very first followers), and Le @HC and give us those numbers, ‘cos you are tagged!


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