New Find: Look, it’s us! :) The Keybunch girls in a Parisienne Cafe!

zansaar wall tile

When I saw this beautiful wall tile in an online store –, I said, “Look! It’s The Keybunch girls!”

paris cafe representing the keybunch girls

Yes, that’s how Rekha and I are, always chatting like we are sitting in a coffee shop – the miles between Blore and Pune just seem to dissolve! Kids, husbands, art, decor, work (yes we both work virtually for the same company too!), blogs, recipes (we love to bake!) …just like these two stylish French women in a cafe!:)

So…I went ahead and picked it up! And here it is…propped up on my workspace alongside my London Double Decker and my handsome, lazy Kuwaiti! 🙂

paris cafe representing the keybunch girls, london bus and arab man green pot sepia paris cafe representing the keybunch girls

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  1. I love this picture! Like you it reminds me of many a coffee meet with my girlfriends whiling the time away with non stop chat. Great find!

  2. That's a great find and I guess it does look pretty nice on your table!

  3. Nice blog i like all pictures nice posting