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It’s my pleasure to acquaint you with the designs from that caught my eye this month. It was time to refurbish the home, what with Diwali here, and the countdown to Christmas already begun!

After much thought, I ruled against bespoke designs because of the time factor involved, and opted to go in for a couple of pieces from Urban Ladder.

Let’s begin with the living room. Pops of colour against a coffee cream wall best defines this room. What it lacked though was an arm chair or an accent chair. And the proper lighting accents.

For the living room
These pieces from caught my eye, and here’s a little moodboard I made for my choices.


So that’s my living room at the bottom right, and I thought these 3 products would really enhance and complete the look of the room. Let me elaborate.

The Lavu Floor Lamp is just the right height to help me achieve the 3 step decor principle. What does this mean? It means that your decor elements are arranged in 3 steps – between the height of sofa seats, and the side stands, we have two levels. The third level achieved with the floor lamp will arrange my decor in 3 visual heights. This is a principle I have developed on my own, and apart from a mention in Instagram, I haven’t mentioned it earlier. I would place this floor lamp right next to the couch, in the corner. I would move the side stand to another location in my living room.

The Zubin Wall Light is an absolute beauty! It adds a bit of glitter to my room (glitter is the haute couture element for homes this season) – not an outpouring, just a splash! I usually prefer to add a bit of shine with my brass collection, but for the festive season, I would replace all my wall lights with the Zubin pieces.

And finally The Contour Chair and Ottoman Replica is just the right accent chair for my room. I have a spacious living room, and I could have opted for something heavier, but I love the possibilities of this chair. It would look great both in the living room, and in the bedroom. It can even be a comfortable reading nook chair. And one solid colour is exactly what my living room needs, especially as the other pieces are upholstered with print, or have flashy printed cushions on them.

I must confess, I could not stop at the living room. My guest room is unfinished, kind of, because it needs a study table. That’s a challenge because of the space constraint, but I think I have found the best fit on Urban Ladder!


So it’s the recently-launched Malabar Study Table which caught my eye as the best fit for my guest room. Having grown up in the Malabar region, this range is rather special to me. That, and the fact that the table is made of teak, with a teak finish! With the teak wood Howe Chair, they are both sleek, space-saving and the best accompaniments to the guest bedroom.

So did you like my choices? What would you select for the two rooms above? Let me know in the comments section.

And finally, these gorgeous gifts are perfect for the season, and the best glittery glitz touches to make your friends’ home as fashionable a


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