Lai Jewelry by Puja Bhargava Kamath

PBS-7311-R Samarkand collection For details write to
Puja recently wrote in to me introducing her jewelry brand Lai (there’s a musical connotation to this catchy name, and  it also means the beloved one in Sanskrit). I loved her work so much, that I wanted to share her story and product images with you!
Puja Bhargava Kamath at work
Lai’s designs while being chic and contemporary are rife with historic and cultural inspirations that stem from Puja’s fascination with different world cultures, textiles, art and architecture. What makes this brand all the more lovable is that it subscribes to the Fair Trade principles. Their website says,


“…the craftsmen work under respectable conditions, are adequately reimbursed for their labor and an overall transparent pricing policy is followed. So every time you buy or gift a Lai- you are guaranteed an ethical purchase!”
An Accessory Designer from India, Puja moved to California 2 years back. She describes Lai as an indie silver jewelry brand under which she designs & manufactures unique, culturally inspired collections of handcrafted jewelry. 
On the Lai website, I loved the way jewelry was displayed next to an inspirational image like this one. It immediately puts you in the context about what outfits go with the piece, how dramatic or how low-key your look can be while wearing a particular piece!
PB-9147-ER. Pearl collection. For details write to
From the Pearl collection
The Black & White Collection  For details write to
The Black and White Collection
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From the Samarkand collection
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from the Mehendi collection
PB-9179-ER. Pearl collection. For details write to
From the Pearl Collection

As you can see, the collections are one-of-their-kind and exquisitely crafted.Puja has won several design awards including those from DeBeers, World Gold Council & Perles de Tahiti. For Lai customers, the relationship with the brand is strong and engaging, often sharing their Lai moments with Puja and seeking advice on how best to carry off a particular piece. Puja says this makes the tremendous effort she and her team put into the jewelry totally worth it!

Find out more about Lai and their exquisite jewelry on their website



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