Jewish Street, Fort Kochi – Antique Lover’s Paradise

Jewish street antique shopping
Antique shop – Jewish Street, Fort Kochi

We planned a vacation to Kumarakoam in God’s own country this holiday season. The backwaters trip has been on my wish list for quite some time and I was obviously thrilled that the plan came through this Christmas. It’s another story that the itinerary kept changing until the last minute of our travel!

The earlier plan of 3 night stay at Kumarakoam changed to one night stay and my dreams of a boat house vacation went kaput when Cochin popped up out of the blue. The plan to stay at Cochin was again cut short when DH decided to travel back to Coimbatore to save travel time the following day… much for detailed planning!

Antique shop – Jewish Street, Fort Kochi
Brass, wood and metal statues

We decided to visit Fort Kochi and see around the places nearby before leaving Cochin and stumbled upon Jewish Street, a treasure trove for antiques.

Jewish Street for antique shopping
Antique Pillars, Typical Kerala Boat

My excitement grew in leaps and bounds as we drove through this narrow lane leading to Fort Kochi.

Colorful seating, Antiques Fort Kochi
Fell in love with this antique table

I wasn’t prepared for the visuals that would unfold on the way.

Table with ceramic knob, Jewish Street, Kochi
Antique door frame, chairs and writing table

The street is dotted with quaint little shops selling antiques, artifacts, spices, jewelry, and garments.

Shopping for Antiques, Fort Kochi, Jewish Street
Colorful cabinets, wall decor

We kept driving hoping to see a Fort and were quite disappointed when a rickshaw driver said there was no fort around 🙂

Antique shop – Jewish Street, Fort Kochi
Hand painted bird seating

Well, to cut the long story short, we returned to the Jewish Street to check out the antique stores. One can easily spend hours gazing tirelessly at these charming beauties in these shops.

Antique shop – Jewish Street, Fort Kochi
Carved beauty outside a store

Of course, I had to be content drooling over the treasure trove as the prices were way beyond my reach but I just can’t stop dreaming of returning to Fort Kochi with a loaded purse and shop to my heart’s content someday.



  1. how lovely Rekha! I have been here twice, and it's time to make a trip back…I will have to return empty handed though:) No loaded purse for me yet 🙂

  2. rekha,you don't need to have a loaded purse for that you can pick very small things within the range of 1000 .i love Fort kochi and my maternal town is very near to it..

  3. Wow, what a fabulous place!!!

  4. @ Lakshmi -Celebrations – I think Rekha was eyeing some of the more expensive things….she has expensive tastes, this co-blogger of mine! 🙂

  5. Lovely antiques 🙂 It always happens to me when I find good antiques. The ones I like are always way too expensive.

  6. This is my dream place when in Cochin. A trip to this place is a must whenever I am in Kerala. Last time in 2010 I left my family in the beach resort 90 kms away and came for a day shopping to the market. Lots of my chunky silver is from here and I enjoy wearing them. Nice Rekha that you covered this place.

  7. @ Lakshmi, I should have checked with you…but since the visit was unplanned, I didn't have the time to google search also. Somehow I couldn't find anything below 1k…I know whom to contact when I go there again 🙂
    @Sharon..haha…you know me better 🙂
    @Iniyaal..we sail in the same boat 🙂
    @Shanthi, I agree…'s impossible to spend only a couple of hours shopping there. I will have to plan my next visit better.

  8. Rekha… I'm soooooooooooo envious… I spend a quick half hour here and quickly picked up a few things… My hubby went mental … when I started eyeing an old typewriter in one of those shops… Then he simply had to drag me out.. I was ever so upset…

  9. Oh I love that street! I've had the wonderful fortune of wandering through the shops there twice, a decade apart each time, and can't wait to go back hopefully not another decade from now.