It’s the cook’s nook: Anpu’s lovely kitchen!

I was delighted when I recd these pics from Anpu. She is a versatile cook, and it shows in her kitchen! I am officially on a break, but hey! when I get kitchen pics like these, I would rather be blogging:)..Over to Anpu!


Hey everyone…When Sharon & Rekha invited me to participate in the “Cooks Nook” event…I was a little hesitant, as I have a simple kitchen and though I love to cook and try out new recipes, I do not spend more time than necessary in this area. Now the area, I actually spend quite a bit of time is the breakfast place, that overlooks the garden…

When I moved in last year, my aunt came over to help me organize the place. As both of us have a similar style, we had a good time, putting together the pots & pans, arranging the plants, and the little accessories everywhere.
Check out the pictures and feel free to drop in a comment…

Breakfast nook

My collection of Indian chai cups

Chai, sugar, salt

Cookbooks and Bidri Nandi bull

Corner fun stuff – My pottery creation – which works as a plant holder.

Iznek Turkish plates from Istanbul

Full kitchen view

Kitchen sink corner

Kitchen window

Masala cabinet

Glass cabinet

Brass vessels – Antique family Brass vessels that was gifted to me by our neighbour in Mumbai


Turkish Chai glasses: Want some apple tea?

Kitchen work area

Thanks Sharon and Rekha for the wonderful opportunity…

The pleasure was ours, Anpu. We loved your lovely kitchen in white and black, and the great personalized accessories!

Your pics have joined the lovely collection of kitchens on our October Blog Carnival.


  1. Anpu, that's a lovely kitchen..loved the way you have colored the kitchen with knick-knacks and greenery. But, how so maintain that white kitchen white?

  2. Anpu, what a light bright beautiful kitchen. All that green of the plants against the super clean white looks fabulous! Love the Turkish accessories – yes, we too have those tea glasses, love the antique brass vessels, and your pantry….so neat! Do you arrange everything alphabetically??? Really lovely!

  3. Anpu, you have a window ledge to die for :). Beeeeautiful kitchen. Loved it.

    Seeing so many lovely kitchens has inspired me to make mine look prettier. I call it the Keybunch Kitchen project 😉

  4. what a sweet kitchen…what i love most about it is, are the personalized knick knacks, the gifts that you have displayed & ofcourse all that gorgeous studio pottery…pretty…

  5. Hey anpu, interesting indian accessories. I love the nandi bull as the book holder and rail chombhu!!!(u know what i mean…. Happy lounging in your kitchen, the apt therapeutic times! Sheila

  6. Anpu, first the lippan kaam and now this!!! LOVELY! Loved your collection of glazed canisters (did you make any of those?)and your nandi bookend! And your spices look so pretty in their coordinating jars. Can't wait to see more of yor home—truly inspiring. 🙂

  7. Lovely pictures, Anpu. Love the contrast of white and black accented with the brass and green accessories! well done!

  8. Its great looking neat, organized kitchen. loved all knick knacks,plants. it looks so pretty!

  9. Anu
    this is lovely…dont mind when i gate crash sometime soon

  10. Great Job Anpu!!! Love the knick knacks…need to borrow some. Can you come over and do my house too???


  11. Anpu is definitely talented! What a neat and lovely kitchen!

  12. Thanks Sharon and Rekha – Actually it goes all over the house. Walls always in offwhite or cottage white and they become the canvas for all my paintings and knick-knackes/accessories
    I love colored accent walls, but have a wall chromophobia for myself..:-((

  13. Thanks Kamini – love all antique stuff. Cleaning is my anitidote to stress, and actually enjoy doing the stuff,…though I have my mess-mess days.
    All stuff, arranged based on utilization, most used ones in level 3 and 4. Yummy snacks in level 5…you dont want to reach that too often…:-)

  14. Thanks Rekha – My favorite cleaning accompainments are:
    1)Clorox wipes
    2)Easy-off Oven cleaner
    …easy to handle and keep stuff clean…:-)

  15. Thanks Anu @Scatter Batter – love your blog…:-)

    Thanks Purplehomes…love plants, they add the freshness to any place and are inexpensively accesorise any place. Yes, some gifts, some are my creations, and some are fond reminders of places visited. what you see are my pottery creations in the studio…

  16. Hey Sheila aka anonyoumous..:-)…rt on abt the Rail Chombu…it was my great grandmothers gift to my mother, so very special.

    Thanks GB – you guessed rt…the canisters are my pottery creations…Being on the wheel is extremely therapeutic. I could finsh of 25 pds of clay over a weekend. but the other side, laned up with 84 clay pieces at on time, which was gifted to close family and friends..;-)

    Thanks Smmashers…appreciate the feedback

    Thanks Nayana and SoundHorn…

    Thanks Sudha – sure sometime soon

    OMG JAY…borrowing the knick knacks! anytime sister…you know you dont have to ask..:-) Not many know you have an interesting, eclectic and a wounderful home yourself and this talent runs in our family….:-)

  17. Anpu, that is a fabulous kitchen you have! Loved the accessories that you have collected.. rayil kooja is my favorite, now I know what I have to carry to Atlanta when I visit you 🙂

  18. Just love your tea sugar corner , such exoctic stuff,did u make them. The pottery too was very nice rustic and earthly. OMG those turkish cups,I was tempted to throw them away many times. Next time sure they will be on my tea table.

  19. Thanks Padmaja, would love to have you over…come soon.

    Thanks Shanti – yes i made all teh pottery stuff, love the turkish cups, bowls, lamps…list is endless…I still have a large collection of lamps waiting to be hung…:-)

  20. Oh… such an Anpu kitchen!! absolutely bright & cheerful… gorgeous and lovely at the same time… Your breakfast table is to die for… Well I can now see why you cook such lovely food… that beautiful kitchen must motivate you to stay there forever.. 🙂

  21. Anpu, Your kitchen is beautiful. I could not stop noticing how clean and organized your pantry is.

    Loved the plants. Wish I had a green thumb.

  22. Thanks Patty…when are you coming over??…:-)))

    Thanks Geeta…no secret…remember to water the plants once in 3-4 days…and 1 teaspoon of some miracle gro every 1 month.
    ensure there is sun…bas…and your plants will thrive. If you were closer…woould have come over and helped…