Globetrotting with The Keybunch: Meera Sethi’s Toronto home cum studio loft space

Meera Sethi's Toronto home cum studio loft space

Toronto-based Meera Sethi is a popular artist, designer and photographer still rues the fact that she had to leave her beautiful 750-sq foot open plan home-studio loft. She had to leave because the 100-year old building it was housed in was a piece of Toronto history. Meera had decorated it in a unique style and when I asked her if she had any pics of the old place, she readily sent me a folder-full of them, which I am sharing with you today Says Meera, “My home is inspired by a “third world” eclecticism and a strong sense of color that comes from my Indian Punjabi background.”

a lovely living space done by Meera

You will love the way Meera had done up this space. She kept it open and multi-functional on purpose, rearranging furniture and decor on a whim. Because it was so old, you will notice unconcealed plumbing, which Meera preferred to keep that way because it added character to the place. There is loads of inspiration here for those of you who live abroad and want to keep a bit of India in your decor.

the pieces are from antique stores in Toronto and trips to India

The pieces she has collected are from various travels, but most are from antique stores in Toronto and trips to India.

The two paper mache masks hanging on the wall

The two paper mache masks are from the Mehenghar Fort in Jodhpur. They were the largest masks on sale and Meera says it was love at first sight! She loved the scale and playfulness as well as the very typical Rajasthani faces. Meera says she has a particular love for masks both in her work and in her life.

The brightly colored kilim was from a Moroccan interiors store in Toronto

The brightly colored kilim was from a Moroccan interiors store in Toronto that is no longer in business. It was actually an old rug that was languishing in a dusty corner of the store. The loud, bright colors caught her eye. She shook off the dust, bargained and bought it!

Meera turned an electric chandelier to a candle chandelier

The clear crystal chandelier was from an antique dealer who sets up his shop on the street on warm days. It was an electric chandelier that she turned into a candle chandelier.

The yellow table and chairs are from antique store in Toronto

Bookshelf and yellow table and chair at the study room

The two paper mache masks hanging on the wall

The yellow table and chairs are from another antique store in Toronto that has since closed. Meera says, “I was walking home during “golden hour”, that time of day when the setting sun lights up everything in its midst so beautifully and lo and behold, in the sun’s path were these objects of bright yellow! Once again, it was love at first sight!”

The red chandelier was from a discount chain store in Toronto called Winners

The red chandelier (I simply love it!) was a find from a discount chain store in Toronto called Winners. The three paintings on the wall are Meera’s own work from her “Nataraj” series. The green chair is an original Herman Miller Eames chair. It was slightly damaged in a mini flood in her loft a year back, but the green is still bright as ever!

kitchen room

wall decoration

the kitchen corner

wall decor

painting colors

the purple wing chair

The green chair is an original Herman Miller Eames chair

book shelf at the study room

book nook at the study room

study room

book nook at the study room

Pictures courtesy: Juli Daoust, Geoff Fitzgerald, Meera Sethi


  1. oh my such a gorgeous home!! YOu can tell an artists lives in there!! awesome!

  2. her house looks very different and .some thing which is rare abut thedesign…goodpost

  3. Very colorful & scrumptious!!!!! I loved that small auto b'n the books… Cute one….. VERY ARTISTIC!!!!!!!


  4. very unusual and artistic..great post.

  5. That's a home with personality! Contemporary and Indian all at once. Love it, great post!

  6. Ecelectic!! Looks like a great place to be!

  7. simply love it! right from the exposed pipes to the pops of colors to all those knick knacks…this sure is one home full of creativity! Awesome!

  8. Nice find, Sharon. Hard to believe it's only 750 sq.ft. Maybe the open plan does the trick. Can't imagine how hard it must have been for Meera to leave! This is what I loved the most – the walls are white and the colors come from the accessories and objects around the room.

  9. wow..looks so comfy,..

  10. stunning…bright, bold and so graphic. Fun. thanks for the post!

  11. Meera here. Thanks everyone! It's wonderful to open up my space to people who appreciate and love interiors! If I still lived there, I would invite you all over for dinner! What a great conversation it would be. Much Love!

  12. What a great house tour – it's such a great space with so many wonderful details and beautiful colors. I love that little tuk tuk in the last photo. I'll be in India next week so I'm going to look for one to bring home as a souvenir! 🙂

  13. ooh, Awesome, I love the eclectic mix of colors used here..Gr8 post as always sharon..

  14. Beautiful.. This house is different and awesome. Loved that small auto in the last pic 🙂

  15. The auto is the coolest toy ever. You can get it at any toy store in Delhi. It's part of the "Public Transportation" set that also includes a DTC bus and a cab!

  16. lovely and brightly coloured home

  17. Very artistic and coloured home…a superb find indeed!!!
    Gr8 Sharon !!

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