Home Tour: Komala Krishna’s Charming Chettinad-style home in Bangalore

old style sofa, yellow, warmth, attangundi

Happy New Year to all of you! I apologize for being away for so long, but the last days of 2013 were pretty hectic, and I had to give myself some screen detox, and lots of R&R! 🙂 So anyway, I am back with a lovely home tour.

Browsing through interior designer Jyotika Baleri’s work on her Facebook business page, Destination Designs, I was delighted to see the warmth of Chettinad reaching out to me. When I clicked on the pics, I had to have them on this blog. Jyotika was happy to contact the home owner Mrs Komala Krishna, and get her permission for a feature on this blog!



rafters on cieling, old rocking chair, old clock
Antique pillars were sourced to form a majestic frame for the large balcony. It holds up
the pelmet and curtain rods ambiguously. A reclaimed teak wood swing was converted
into a comfortable sofa swing in keeping with the overall theme.

I know many of my readers are looking to use all the antiques they have inherited from their parents and grandparents, but are quite challenged on how to do so! I think these pictures will give you a fair idea on how to bring the goodness of the old homes, and blend in modern day conveniences!

When Jyotika was approached by the owner Mrs. Komala Krishna, she was told that a 2000 square feet 3-bedroom apartment in Bangalore was converted into 2 units, a 2 bedroom 1400 sft home and a 600 sft studio that was to be let. The brief was clear – Mrs. Krishna wanted her to work on the 2 bedroom section, and she was to keep it ethnic in its looks, yet modern in its functionality.

wooden panels, attangundi tiles, antique, chettinad
Lots of antique wooden panels were sourced to be built into various pieces
of furniture in the house. The shoe rack shutters were embellished using
an old engraved panel. The Tv unit was was decorated using an old door frame

Says Jyotika, “Converting the 1400 sft space was a challenge in itself since all it had was a large hall cum dining, a large balcony and 2 bedrooms with attached bath. The obvious option was an open kitchen in the dining area. But it had to look clean and elegant. So many brain storming sessions and a million drawings later came the perfect layout”.

old furniture, watm colors, antique swing

master bedroom, tile inlay on old bed, yellow wall, accent, fabric on wall
Solid teak beds work with the typical style of the house.
The tile motifs have been extended to the headrest too.

yellow bathroom, antique features, vanity
The master bathroom was made a vibrant yellow to reflect the owners vibrant
personality and brighten up a bathroom that lacks natural
light. Handpainted inserts add character to the yellow walls. The vanity
unit has a built in laundry basket so the small bathroom looks clutter free.

attangundi floors, antiques, warm red home

Like what you see? Here are some takeaways from this home tour!

  1. Traditional Aatangudi custom flooring was chosen to get the trademark appearance of old chettinad bungalows. Aatangudi tiles are economical and especially recommended for Indian weather. To learn more, do read this article on Prissma! However, be careful when you choose your supplier. The comments section of the Prissma article will tell you about others’ experiences with ordering these tiles for their homes.On a personal note, I have this dream of owning my own home, solely for the pleasure of doing up the floors with this beautiful heritage material!:)
  2. Use and re-use your old furniture. Even in a modern setting, antiques are charming, and give you that accent feature for your homes!
  3. Don’t hesitate to blend the old with the new – in the image below, the colorful ladder adds quite some charm to a room predominantly laid out with old-world furniture. Also, the kitchen is modern, yet blends in with the Chettinad look – the wood color has a lot to do with this, so take note!
  4. To add instant old-world regality to your home, antique-looking rafters on the ceiling are unbeatable! Talk to your carpenter about installing these, but remember, for the right effect, you will need to get the furniture, decor and flooring right too!
antiques tile inlay, attangundi floors

High back wrought iron chairs form lovely breakfast chairs to the open
kitchen counter which sits in the middle of the hall and dining
areas, adding drama to the otherwise linear room.

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this home tour together, and I am so glad it is also my first post in 2014. Do you live in a home like this, that blends the antique with the modern? I would love to hear from you, or see pics for a possible feature on this blog.

I thank Mrs. Komala Krishna, and the architect Jyotika Baleri for their co-operation in featuring this home on The Keybunch! If you liked this home tour, or have something to say about it, do tell us in the comments section! We love to hear from our readers!

All pictures are courtesy Jyotika Baleri. Please do not use them without her permission.


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