Help this Keybunch reader find the perfect display option for her unique Ganesha picture

Hi folks,

Rekha and I are both away traveling, and absolutely enjoying the summer, but missing our blogging terribly! We will be back with a home tour next week. Until then, do help one of our readers Priya. Here’s what she says,

I bought this
amazing Ganesh pencil art that is made up of 100 Ganpatis. I don’t want
to just hang it on the wall. I want to frame it, highlight it, and do it
justice…I just have no clue how to go about actually doing it. Can you

Ganesha picture

Isn’t that a masterpiece? How can Priya best display her prized Ganesha? We will be back soon, and look forward to reading your suggestions for Priya



  1. Hey…I got a matte done for the painting- patachitra..and then covered the matte with a maroon cloth with tiny antique gold motifs…the frame is also in brushed antique gold…hope this helps…

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  3. Is this a patachitra painting? Or a palm leaf painting?

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