Advertorial Guest Post: The Colors of India

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a great resource for beautiful light fixtures.

When we think of India we think of a riot of colors: bright saris, pastel buildings, flowers, and ceremonial painted cows. India does not hold back when it comes to color and colorful patterns in design. We love the colors of India and love to bring them into interior design. Golds, purples, reds, pinks and oranges mix with royal blues, lime greens and blacks to create striking décor.  Here are some of our favorite interiors that celebrate the colors of India.

Indian Interiors
A Designer Spot via

This modern roof terrace outdoor living area uses creams and subtle golds in the sectional upholstery, which provides a backdrop for colorful accessories and decorative items. The soft purple sunset is the star color of the space.

Indian Interiors
The Star via

A traditional room in Mulbekh from the book “Indian Interiors” (read Sharon’s review of this book) clearly shows the riot of colors used in Indian design. The variety of strong colors gives an energetic feeling to the space.

Indian Interiors
Interior Alchemy via

Contrasting colors of red and green border each other yet are unified by an overlapping stencil of gold. This more traditional take on a bedroom also has a colorful coverlet on the bed and an aqua painted chest that introduce more color to the room.

Indian Interiors
Flikamag via

Also from the Taschen book on Indian Interiors (read the review here) is this study in cool tones. Not all colors from India are hot hues. We love cool purples, blues and greens.

Indian Interiors
Jennifer Connolly Interiors and Design via

Warm reds, oranges, and pinks combine in this modern interpretation of a traditional India interior.  Often warm and cool colors coexist in a colorful harmony.

Indian Interiors
The Star via

Pink plays a strong role in colors used in India interiors. We love pale pink walls, fuchsia accents, and rose colored accessories, especially when paired with lime greens and bright blues. We also love the different colors of ceiling lights they use in the space.

Indian Interiors
Home Interior Designs via

This transitional style living room draws on the warm hues of India. Love the yellow sofa mixed with fuchsia and orange throw pillows—the room seems to glow in the light cast by the lamp and ceiling fixtures.

Indian Interiors
UK TV via

Textiles in a rainbow of hues take inspiration from India. Deep red creates a strong background for the sari inspired pillows.

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  1. Beautiful rooms..loved the second and third pic the most!!!!!

  2. beautiful beautiful rooms and inspiration. great use of color…textiles…

  3. Beautiful rooms and candid use of colours… Love the sari themed cushions and pillows.

  4. Sari inspired pillows are so cool.Liked the comprehensive lighting blog too.

  5. Lovely post Sharon and Susi. Yes India is colorful and that's what makes it special and vibrant.