Guest post by Mochatini: Colors of Fall in your Diwali Decor

Our guest blogger today is Manvi who blogs at Mochatini. Manvi’s blog is constantly updated with inspiration, finds, and interesting decor ideas. That’s what makes it a must-watch for us at The Keybunch, and we thought it would be a good idea to share her talents with you, our readers. Over to Manvi.
-Team Keybunch

Hello The Keybunch readers. I’m Manvi from the blog Mochatini. It’s lovely to guest post here while The Keybunch bloggers celebrate their one year blog anniversary. Congratulations on a great blog.

Sharon suggested a Diwali related post so I put together a few decor and tabletop ideas. While Diwali here in the US isn’t celebrated on the same scale as in India, we do our best to make this festival/holiday special.
I love the bright colors of leaves in Fall, and decided to use them as inspiration for my decor.
dpp07d90919100937I created a mood board using this gorgeous burnt orange color.
dpp07d909190e1741I decided to keep the decor simple with pops of color using flowers.
dpp07d909160f3011I placed a large bowl of water and floating candles in my fireplace
dpp07d90916151108Puja decoration

Here, are some tabletop decoration ideas that I created
dpp07d90917121d39I took a few clear glasses, half-filled them with water and
then alternated flowers and tea-lights in each.
dpp07d90917121b44I made this flower vase by recycling a tin can and an old wedding invitation
dpp07d90916150a23an unusual yet elegant centerpiece – a bowl with limes and a flower.
untitled-1Oh and some fashion inspiration!Happy Diwali!I would love to see you all over at Mochatini for more decor talk! Thanks Sharon and Rekha for having me guest post here. Happy Blog Anniversary!

Images by Manvi for Mochatini. If you would like to use any of the images on your blog, you can do so by including a link back to Mochatini. You may not use any of the images for print or commercial purposes.


  1. I love the colors Manvi! This is such a lovely, original color for Diwali!


  2. Oh my… such an amazing post!! I am truly inspired by the colours, the vas, the candles.. the lovely pics.. A true Diwali inspiration.

    I'm off now to check your blog..

    Thanks Sharon & Rekha!! Well done again!

  3. Thanks so much for having me here.

  4. such lovely colours! And what a fantastic idea for a think of all the wonderful things i throw away :(. feeling festive already! lovely post, as its always on mochatini.

  5. lovely decor ideas,..

  6. Loved it. Good pix and color composition.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Sharon & Rekha, thanks for the guest series due to which we get to know such amazing people.

  8. this post is amazing!!!!!!!!truly beautiful blog! happy belated blogiversary!

  9. Brilliant post! Just discovered Manvi & saw the guest feature link on her blog. Beautiful images and great styling.