A Touch of Glass

A glass mural mosaic for floor from Alibaba.com
A glass mural mosaic for floor installation sourced
from Alibaba.com

There’s something special about the medium of glass. So much can be done with it. Use glass in your decor and watch your space come alive with warmth and beauty. Indian glass work is a craft that has been fine tuned over the centuries. From making crude glass designs to the current intricate pieces of art, glass artisans have come a long way. Popular styles in glass are cut glass and mirror work from Tanjavur and Punjab, stained glass, and glass painting which the Indians learnt from the Chinese.

Here are some great places to source Indian-made/inspired glass accessories for your home.

Nickle finish lamps from Bhatik.

Glass in decor | Nickle finish lamps from Bhatik
Glass in decor | Nickle finish lamps from Bhatik
Glass in decor | Nickle finish lamps from Bhatik

Glass paintings with Moghul themes from IndiaMart

Glass painting with Moghul themes from IndianMart

Beautiful glass bowls from Tiya

Glass bowls from Tiya

Mosaic finish glass vase from Ideasafresh

Glass in decor | Mosaic glass vase from Ideasafresh

Stained glass murals from Studio Lead Light. This beautiful mural was installed in a home in India.

Stained glass murals from Studio Lead Light

These rare pieces from Glass Expressions are perfect for brightening up dull corners.

The beautiful pieces of glass painting from Glass Expressions

The stores featured here are all exporters and/or accept online orders. So go ahead and buy glass to brighten up your interiors.


  1. What wonderful pieces! Thanks for the sites, Sharon. I dabbled with some glass work about 4 or 5 years ago and am just now getting back into it with some new ideas.

  2. Thanks Abigail, I hope you got my earlier comment (about the coffee estate on your blog).

    I love the medium of glass too. I used to do some amateur glass paintings. Sadly, they got left behind when I moved home 5 years ago. I must go back, and ask the owner of the house if they are still there! 🙂

    Would love to see your work!