Using flowers in your ethnic decor..

Flowers brighten up even the dullest corners. But there’s a wee bit more you can do. Combine flowers with your ethnic ware – pots, statues, artifacts and crafts – and the effect is unbelievably stunning! Like so.

Pink flower on brass kettle and brass diya

Chandan Dubey

Glass jug vase at the living room

Kaberi Kar Gupta

Flower on brass kettle

Chandan Dubey

vase cup with book

Chandan Dubey

pink flower on black plate

Chandan Dubey

Indoor plants and brass ladle decorated at the living room

Chandan Dubey

sculpture buddha at the corner of the room

Amy Gross

Pictures courtesy of Chandan Dubey, Kaberi Kar Gupta and Amy Gross. Guys, I really love your work!

And, on another note…
the list of Kreativ Blogger award
good job awarded to LakshmiLakshmi from Taste of Mysore has been generous with her awards. We consider ourselves lucky and honored to be on the list of recipients for the Kreativ Blogger award, the Job award and the other awards she has showered on us. Thank you Lakshmi! 🙂


  1. Ooohh. Love the pics.. The brass with pink has comes out so well.. Keep em coming

  2. Thank you for taking the time out to post a comment Payal. Keeping coming back, ‘cos I will keep them comin’!

    – Sharon

  3. I'm so happy to see my picture in such wonderful company, in one of my favorite blogs!