Featured Store: Tribal Monsoon

This is Monsoon season in India, and here’s a bit of lovely furniture for us to curl up on during the rainy days. It comes from ‘Tribal Monsoon‘, an online store that is 100% committed to the Fair Trade Movement, and that’s all the more reason to feature them here.

The range includes luxury bedding, unique furniture, decorative pillows and accents and home decor sourced from South Asian countries. If you are based in the US, South America or Canada, this store is just the place for you to source all your South Asian decor from.

I particularly loved their warm-hued wall-hangings and luxury bed spreads like this one.


  1. The wall hangings are gorgeous.

    Renee xoxo

  2. Bedspreads are gorgeous …simply fell in love with them 🙂

  3. Nice post!! The wall hangings & bed spreads are beyond gorgeous. I'm off to check the link now!! Where are these people based?

  4. Thank you Renee..hope you are having a lovely day.

  5. LG, aren't they simply gorgeous?


  6. Patricia, I got this from their website – "Our warehouse and factory is based in Islamabad, Pakistan, while our sales office is in Beverly Hills, California (USA)".

    – Sharon

  7. I particularly like the small trunk. the wall hangings, the pillow covers and the bed-sheets are lovely.

  8. I can never get enough of these colors!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    oh I'd enjoy those stools any day … and the miniature painting do make great wall decor .

  10. I love the low seating chair and I think it would be perfect in front of a fire place. I am going to check out their site now. Thank you Sharon for sharing this with us. 🙂


  11. Anusha, tell me about the trunk…that chest, no matter how common it has become, is still such an eye-catching addition to anyone's decor! That's why I had to put a pic of it here, and this one's quite a stunning one too!

  12. Rajee, those stools are quite diff from the usual, aren't they? I wonder if any one here has seen them in an Indian store?

  13. Preeti, you are welcome!

  14. Nice post.wall hangings are gorgeous.All ofthem are lovely.

  15. Wonderful post. the wall hangings, the pillow covers and the bed-sheets are lovely. I really like it very much. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Keep blogging.

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