Eat, drink and sleep on burgers!

hamburger bed

Oh, isn’t this supposed to be a design blog? Now, why on earth is food discussed over here? Well, I am a complete foodie and I just have to see food to pile on pounds and then work out extra hard to shed them! No wonder, I freaked out when I stumbled upon this bed on Neotarama.

Some people can go extremes when it comes to showing their passion about food. Check out this hamburger bed, that comes complete which comes complete with an oversized bun duvet, as well as tomato and pickle slice pillows. Face book lovers can catch up on this bed over here. Now, all I want is an Indianized version of this- an idli bed with a dosa duvet, yummmm!

Btw, I must thank Navita of Zaayeka for this Butterfly Award. Thanks Navita!

Butterfly Award


  1. HeHe!! My son would love to sleep on that!! Beautiful, I think!! :))

  2. How funny … .
    is this Claus Oldenburg does home decor ??!

  3. I think children would love this idea!

  4. good heavens! now i want one.

  5. Just love the beddy burger!

  6. thanks for following my blog dear..

    n love tht burger bed…if i had kids i wud buy it right out ;p

  7. There is an lemony award waiting for you in my blog 🙂

  8. Kids would love this bed for sure and I see a lot of adult-kids enjoying it too 🙂 Rekha

  9. Hi Rekha
    Thanks for passing by my blog.You have a wonderful blog and i can learn and see a lot of things…especially innovative stuff like this son loved it.

  10. Haha that’s a nice bed! And congratulations to the award!


  11. too cool! my husband would chill out on this as well as the kids.