Easy DIY decorations to Celebrate Independence with the Kids

Easy DIY decorations to Celebrate Independence with the Kids

Why, oh why, are we so lackadaisical when it comes to celebrating our national holidays? Our festivals are over-celebrated, and for our national holidays, we are ‘okay’ with winding up the festivities after a solemn flag-hoisting ceremony, maybe sometimes watch the parades on television. Let’s change this!

Here are some amazingly simple ideas to put into action right now. Other than a short trip to the local stationary shop, you don’t need much else.

But your kids will enjoy ‘feeling’ festive all this week until Independence Day.

5 amazingly simple ideas for Independence Day decor:

rangoliThe Indian rangoli tops the list. You don’t have to go overboard or stick to traditional patterns. My daughter did this one freehand. It is not perfect, but the colors are just right! And what joy to see it as soon as we step out the door, or as soon as we reach home! Not to mention the smiles on courier delivery men, the post woman, the newspaper delivery guy and the milkman.

pompoms made of crepe paper We made pompoms out of crepe paper in green, orange and white, and strung them in the living room 🙂 To make pompoms, cut out squares of paper, stack 7 of them, and fold them together accordion-style as if making a paper fan. Pinch the middle and fasten with wire, curve or point the sides with a scissors. and then peel back the layers, half one way, and the other half the other way. Took my kid all of 10 minutes.

When you trim the pom poms you are left with lots of little scraps of white, orange and green paper. We just strung them together quickly with needle and thread to make these cute garlands.

cute colorful garlands garland and brass on table

cycled glasswareOut of craft or glaze paper in orange, green and white – cut out little flower shapes, and stick them at the end of wooden kebab sticks. Place them in interesting up cycled glassware for a lovely effect.



Use your tableware for interesting tiranga vignettes around your home.

canva colorful of garland

pretty gateSo you see, we didn’t do anything big – we didn’t change our upholstery or curtains, we didn’t paint the walls, and we didn’t buy anything new. Get creative, and start lovely new traditions for your family!

Happy Independence Day!

Jai Hind! 🙂

Have anything to share on this topic? Leave a comment below, or write in to us. We love to hear from our readers! 🙂

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