DIY – Recycled Decor Ideas

DIY recycled decor - handpainted bottles Image credit

We often get mails from readers to do posts on inexpensive décor ideas. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to change your décor. Give your old cushion covers a makeover by painting or embellishing them with beads or buttons. Stick handmade flowers on plain photo-frames and give them a new life. Paint old bottles using your imagination and turn them into center pieces. If you are looking for some ideas to kick-start the DIY decor ideas, here are some interesting ones.

DIY recycled decor - button picture frame

Susan Beal shows how you can give a fresh lease of life to your old picture frames using buttons at

DIY recycled decor - convert metal can into hanging flower basket

In another tutorial, she shows how you can convert metal cans into hanging flower baskets.

DIY recycled decor - old sari into a hammockImage credit
How about converting your old sari into a hammock?

DIY recycled decor - turn sea shells into a plant holders or use it as flower arrangementImage Credit
Turn sea shells into a plant holders or use it flower arrangement.

The best part about recycled art is that it’s not hard on your pocket and you don’t have to feel guilty of disposing them when you feel bored of them. Have you tried recycling things at home? Do you have recycled decor ideas that worked for you? Share them with us.


  1. Tottilu idea is great, seashell pots are a big time hit in Singapore. Lovely ideas..

  2. Lovely! I love the buttons on photo frame idea!!!

  3. Beautiful!! Love the shells.

  4. Hey these are amazing..I loved the bottles and the button frame

  5. Bottle paintings and button frame ideas are beautiful. I will try them out soon.

  6. Dora, Lakshmi, hope you try something among these..
    Asha, welcome back to the blogosphere..

  7. Recycling rocks! Always. By the way, if anyone's interested, do check this blog:

    Claire's got some super ideas on recycling everyday stuff into fun and functional items.

  8. Sure J, I am over to that site now!

  9. Bottles I liked…they are beautified so well… In fact every single thing is a fine art… Lovely!


  10. Awesome Idea… i liked that shells stuff.. Thanks for sharing 🙂 You folks are doing a great job! Keep it up.

  11. great post Rekha, especially like the buttons-photoframe

  12. Dear Rekha,
    Thanks for dropping by dear. You have a very creative and a beautiful blog. I really liked the shell plant holder:) You got a new follower today:)

  13. ASha, Mohan, prachi, rachana, thanks for dropping by.

  14. Rekha… lovely post… I thought you or Sharon must have painted the first bottles… thats lovely anyway!! And I can surely try that one…

    The shell pots are impsressive as well… Its lovely how little things make such a huge impact.. wow!

  15. OMG love the button picture frame but the luxurious sari hammock is my favourite 🙂 That lil baby is going to have a taste for luxury early on 🙂

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