DIY: Jonathan Fong Style

the beautiful décor created by Jonathan Fong Style

Recession seems to be the most discussed topic these days. While the R word is affecting each one of us in some way or the other, it shouldn’t deter you from trying new décor ideas. I stumbled upon this site which gives wonderful décor ideas using things that you find around you.

The pictures above show how you can create your own side table using a wok, create fabulous votives using cinnamon, out-of-the-box ideas with flowers, and wall makeover using fabrics. Impressed? is a site that shows you how you can create beautiful décor without spending a bomb. Jonathan is the author of bestselling books such as Flowers That Wow, Walls That wow, and Parties That Wow. His site has enough gift wrapping tutorials, unusual yet easy flower décor ideas, wall makeovers and many more decor ideas that can transform your home from drab to fab! So, stop cribbing about recession…..join in the DIY party – Jonathan Fong Style!


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