DIY: Jonathan Fong Style

the beautiful décor created by Jonathan Fong Style

Recession seems to be the most discussed topic these days. While the R word is affecting each one of us in some way or the other, it shouldn’t deter you from trying new décor ideas. I stumbled upon this site which gives wonderful décor ideas using things that you find around you.

The pictures above show how you can create your own side table using a wok, create fabulous votives using cinnamon, out-of-the-box ideas with flowers, and wall makeover using fabrics. Impressed? is a site that shows you how you can create beautiful décor without spending a bomb. Jonathan is the author of bestselling books such as Flowers That Wow, Walls That wow, and Parties That Wow. His site has enough gift wrapping tutorials, unusual yet easy flower décor ideas, wall makeovers and many more decor ideas that can transform your home from drab to fab! So, stop cribbing about recession…..join in the DIY party – Jonathan Fong Style!


  1. Welcome back from your holiday Rekha! And I see you are back with a bang of a post! Love Johnathan’s work, and I hope to derive some inspiration from it in my new home:)


  2. yeah tht’s really awesome…..very creative!

  3. Thats true creativity!! Thanks Rekha for sharing this link.. I normally do mix and match stuff and recycle what I have types… But havent ever tried cinnamon sticks.. that looks fab!! The wok has also given me an idea.. (I’ll share with you.. when I’ve done it)..

    ok.. I’m off to check his site now… THANKS

  4. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.You are welcome in my other blogs too.
    I liked your blog very much.Its very nice and interesting.You are a very very creative person.

  5. hi

    this is realy awsome and very creative work .. i will keep coming and will read your all posts..

    aapko meri dil se badhai ..

    meri nayi kavita padhkar apna pyar aur aashirwad deve…to khushi hongi….


  6. Aruna, Babli, Sharon, Pat, Vijay, I am glad you loved Jonathan’s site. Can’t wait to try some of those easy ideas.

  7. This was oh so inspiring! I made the cinnamon votive shown in the picture! Thanks a bunch, key bunch :).

  8. Very inspiring and of course interesting!

    Of course it would be an honour Rekha!! I am happy that you liked my Art:)

    Have a great day!

  9. wow, He is so creative. I’m very inspired by his work. thanks for sharing.

  10. great post – thanks for sharing!!

  11. Hey Sharon, you have a wonderful blog.

    You asked where I got my pictures and I think in Feb 09 I did a post around the 15th of the month entitled 'art heist'. It explains where they came from.

    Basically I don't even know where 90% of them are from as when I was totally heavy duty getting chemotherapy I just downloaded pictures.

    Love Renee xoxoxo