Designing your Dessert Table: Guest Post from Deepa of Aalayam!

Designing the Dessert Table by Deepa of Aalayam!

‘Tis the season for love and ’tis the season for guest posts on The Keybunch. Say hello to Deepa, who is part of the enterprising duo running Aalayam. Do check out their blog because it’s a great source of inspiration any time of the year! Over to Deepa!

A wonderful Hello and Merry Christmas to all the readers of The Key Bunch!
Aalayam is the newest décor/design blog on the block and we’ve been around only
for a couple of months now. So, when Sharon requested us to author for The Key
Bunch – it was very exciting! I’ve been sharing Christmas pictures and holiday
traditions on Aalayam and I figured another holiday post for The Key Bunch
wouldn’t hurt since Christmas is right around the corner. Of course, if you
live in North America, you are probably already up to your eyeballs with
holiday preparations! You must be right in the middle of a shopping,
decorating, and partying frenzy? After all, ’tis the season!

You can read all about decorating your home for Christmas and take a look at my Christmas tree here.

Today, let’s talk about designing your dessert table – it’s not that hard!!

designing the dessert table

If you are hosting a holiday party this year, then dress up
your dessert table. There’s nothing like celebrating with a perfect cake. So,
find a custom cake with a holiday theme. A good looking and a great tasting
cake always leaves a lasting impression. Last year, I had a friend make this
stunning cake in a pastel blue with white snowflakes and marshmallow holiday
toppers. So dreamy! It was a piece of art and I had to showcase it.

desserts and decorative accessories designing by Deepa

Go have fun putting your dessert table together! In my case,
the cake was the focal point. You can expand around your focal point with more
desserts and decorative accessories. I used a white cake stand since I wanted
the cake to pop. Colored or metallic cake stands are an option too. I used gift
boxes, star shaped ornaments and glittery miniature homes as accessories
keeping in mind my holiday theme.

dessert on serving platters

And if you have more than one dessert, you can use tiered
dessert stands or serving platters. In addition to my main winter themed cake,
I also had these absolutely adorable gingerbread man cupcakes and I arranged
them on a platter for a dramatic effect!

cake on dessert platters

I stuck to good ole
cake! However, if you want to go all out and have a more elaborate display then
there are other options too like French macaroons, holiday cookies, or even
Indian desserts. The possibilities are limitless!

Designing the Dessert Table by Deepa of Aalayam!

Thank you for having me over! Cheers!

Thank you Deepa! We loved having you over, and I am looking forward to the rest of your Christmas posts on Aalayam!



  1. Sharon,
    Again, thanks for having us over. Was a pleasure. Merry christmas to you and all your readers and will be back for more at The Key bunch.


  2. That looks super duper yumm… wow.. I am super impressed and off to check her blog now..

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