Delhi Event Alert: Tia Pakhi – Home Linen and Accessories

a collection of textiles hand-embroidery, linen and accessories

Tia Pakhi’s French designer Anais Basu (read more about Tia Pakhi in an earlier blog post on The Keybunch) has brought out a collection of textiles hand-embroidered by the women artisans of Bengal. The work is a tribute to Kantha embroidery with a fresh and contemporary touch.

a collection of cushion and bed-linen

Those of you in Delhi who would like to attend the exhibition, please make a note of the details.

Delhi Event Alert - Tia Pakhi



  1. This would be great!! Mis Delhi more at this time (:

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  3. Beautiful colors and furnishings. I can't complain because Bangalore has a fair share of its own exhibitions but yet o come across some spectacular for furnishing yet.