December Carnival Round Up

Happy Twenty Eleven! It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it? The December Christmas Carnival was a great success thanks to all your contributions. Hmm, we were just wondering if we should keep the monthly carnivals running? What do you say? Do you enjoy participating, reading and exchanging ideas through such carnivals? What topics/themes interest you ? C’mon, put on your thinking caps and give us some ideas…

Take a look at the recap of the Carnival entries while we figure out the theme for the Jan Carnival 🙂


  1. Hello young ladies.. Happy New Year to you both.. Hope you have a rocking year ahead of you…

    I'll come back to check all the december posts.. to be inspired for next year!!

  2. Happy new year Sharon and Rekha! What a fabulous roundup! I do hope 2011 brings you and your work more success! Take care and have a fantastic 2011! – Anu