Contemporary-chic home style from India Circus

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time on Krsna Mehta’s India Circus – – a website that is sure to keep you occupied for a whole afternoon with Mehta’s trademark and unmatchable style stamped over every product! What I love most about this designer is that the products are so practical – from sippers and cups to furniture and umbrellas – this designer makes sure even mundane tasks become fun and fashionable!

The Kuheli and Paisley prints incorporated into so many of Krsna’s products make them so charming and appealing. Here are a few (of the many) products I loved!

Krsna Mehta - designer upholstered chair

Krsna Mehta - designer fabric
Yards of Fabric…to use as you please!

krsna mehtta designer umbrella

Krsna Mehta - designer mug paisley Krsna Mehta - designer Kuheli sipper

These rugs took my breath away!

Krsna Mehta - designer rug Krsna Mehta - designer rug geometrical shapes colors Krsna Mehta - designer motif rug black and white

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  1. Awesome love that mug 🙂