Cherished corners of a vintage lover

a few cherished corners of a designer Nicola's home

This is not exactly a house tour, but a few cherished corners of a designer’s home. Nicola, the designer behind the brand “püppilottchen” shared the pictures of a few corners of her home. The German based designer loves creating quilts, pillows, accessories and toys especially for kids. She’s passionate about vintage things and you can see the touch in the images.

Nicola's terrace garden

Her little terrace with some things Nicola loves – the cast iron table her grandfather made (I love this one), a little stone-collection in a cute bowl, and pottery-frog her own creation. Looks like creativity runs in the family!

A close-up of the cast iron tableA close-up of the cast iron table

spring on Nicola's terrace gardenSpring on her terrace, the pine cones in the basket add zing to the arrangement.

Nicola's collection of vintage dollsNicola’s collection of vintage dolls….she loves collecting all things ‘vintage’. She also has a collection of vintage tins in her kitchen, vintage pictures in her living and terrace.

pillows, quilts and toys designed by NicolaWhat do you think of her designer pillows, quilts and toys…aren’t they cute?

You can find more of her designs here.



  1. The doll collection is really nice.

  2. Rekha,
    Have to say I do like the way,she has used the cast iron table to make a display for the plants… like thoughts out of my mind. thanks for sharing.

  3. I loved the collection of vintage dolls. Quilts and Pillows are nice and girly 🙂 loved them too..

  4. dear rekha

    thanks for the nice post and the kind words you wrote – feels kind of funny to read about my own home here in your blog.


  5. The cradle among the vintage dolls caught my eye. Wouldn’t mind creating a bigger version, and using it as part of my decor at home. Beautiful corners, Nicola!

    – Sharon


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