A cartfull of inspiration


I know I’m not the only one with visions of carts in my living room.
I love the romance of a real, life size cart as part of my decor, to decorate
as I please. I so want one…and I go crazy each time I think of the possibilities.

the visions of carts in living room
Cart possibilities (click image for enlarged version)
Image courtesy: Either or, ArtQuest and Google Search


These inspirational images make me wonder if I should
use the cart as a dining table, or a bar?
Perhaps with the right safety features, it can be a child’s bed,
a library or a display piece? Painted in bright Indian kitschy colors,
won’t it look super in my Bollywood corner?

Have you decorated with carts? Have you any ideas?
Let me know…I would love to hear from you!


  1. oh super .. super!! I heart.. I heart!! 🙂

  2. lovely 😉 i can imagine a bar in it

  3. Thank you Notyet100.

    Patricia, I remember our e-chat on carts!:)

    Purple homes, a bar is a super idea..one that I have often thought of too:)


  4. hi sharon! gorgeous pictures!!

    I have actually designed a bar in a cart once… it looks fabulous and very handy to push around, not to mention it looks almost sculptural when not in use.

    Apart from that, it could just serve as a trolley for serving food even… if you get it have a 'brake' of some sort it could serve as a kitchen table or a study table even… i love the child's bed idea!! so cool!

  5. Meera, that's super! Would you mind sharing a pic of your cart on the site?

    I cld add it to this post.


  6. How cool is this! I love the idea. If I have this in my house I would change the theme regularly – one day it will be decorated with brass Indian vessels in different shapes, one day with urns filled with flowers/floating candles…I can use it a s a side board, entertainment unit…anything and everything! (Mobile garden!)

    – Shillu

  7. Wow, loved the idea, i have actually seen one such cart turned into a bar in a restaurant..

  8. Sharon, I just noticed your note on my blog- you were trying to contact me?! You can do so at [email protected].

    Also, I'm afraid I can't seem to find an image of the final cart, but I can send you an image of a computer rendering of the same thing?!!

  9. Meera, thanks! Sent you an email:)


  10. Shillu and Rekha, glad you loved the idea. 🙂

  11. And I thought I was the only mad one who thought a handcart could be part of a home 🙂

  12. ~j~ 🙂 I am so glad I found another 'mad one'. 🙂