‘A Bit of India’ in Michigan


Gombe Habba – Mysore Dasara as theme

Dasara marks the beginning of month long festivities. Festivals give us a chance to bring out the Indian artefacts that are stacked away in the attic. Rupa, a trained vocalist and an interior design enthusiast put up an impressive ‘Gombe Habba’(Doll Festival) at her home in Michigan and sent us the pictures. Gombe Habba is the time to get creative and think different. Choosing the theme and putting together things that blend with the theme involves time and effort.The preparations begin a month earlier.

Saraswati – the Goddess of Knowledge


The Procession

Rupa chose Mysore Dasara as the theme. She set up the whole procession as it happens in Mysore Dasara with Mysore Palace and Mahishasura props as the background. You don’t really have to be in Mysore to experience the beauty of the festival. Take a look at Rupa’s pictures. Don’t you love the colorful dolls?

“A Bit of India in Every Home” doesn’t end with the blog party, you are welcome to share pictures of your home any time with us.


  1. love the theme..so creative

  2. Beautiful… seeing so many dolls together reminds of kolu in Tamil nadu.

  3. love the theme.. and planning to get more dolls for next years golu when I go to India..

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. Sorry I didn't come here to respond sooner, life has been hectic. Your appreciation of my Dasara set up touches me and inspires me to do more next time. Sincere thanks from Michigan!