Aromatherapy for your Interiors: on the Portico blog today


Today, I am at Portico India’s Fashion@Home blog talking about aromatherapy playing a dual role – on the one hand it offers pleasant fragrances and on the other it can play on the psyche of visitors and guests, letting them believe that your home is actually bigger/ more beautiful/ cleaner than it actually is!Yes, it really can!

The article has suggestions on the kind of aromas to use in your entryway, living room, dining and kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

So hop over to the Portico blog and read all about it.  Don’t forget to leave me a comment or questions!

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  1. I love the idea of aroma therapy for home. I am easy to stress about stuff! Any recommendations for a scent that relaxes and calms the mind?

  2. Really great therapy. I believe aroma definitely helps to set or change our mood accordingly.