Announcing our very own store, Style Radha

It’s finally time to launch our in-house decor store Style Radha, exclusively for our readers.

announcing an in-house decor store Style RadhaYes, it’s exactly what this little banner says. Watch. Buy. Enjoy. Have a look at the products on offer, email us if you wish to buy, and we will help get it across to you.

So go on, click on the tab on top which says Shop with us. The store is open 24 by 7 🙂



  1. Congrats girls … that is really fabulous … 🙂

  2. Congratulations Keybunch 🙂 Absolutely fab idea.

  3. Congrats Rekha and sharon !! thats really very good…waiting to see your collection 🙂

  4. wow congratulations girls

  5. Congratulations, ladies! This initiative sounds awesome. All the best.

  6. Well done Sharon… fabulous idea!! Good going!! All the best…

  7. Congratulations Sharon & Rekha!!! Wish u all the Luck!!!

  8. Congratulations and all the very best!

  9. hi sharon,

    congratulations on ur new venture…wishing u & rekha all the success

  10. Congratulations!!! Great idea. All the best 🙂

  11. Hearty Congrats!!!! Sharon and Rekha and all the very very best. Lovely collection of cushions and a cool idea to showcase the talent around and we appreciate bringing them to our world.

  12. Congratulations Sharon and Rekha & All the very best !!

  13. Congrats Sharon & Rekha! A great idea, indeed! Wish you both all the best!
    PS: Belated birthday wishes, Rekha!

  14. Congratulations & Good luck!

  15. What a wonderful name "Style Radha" 🙂 Looking forward to more and more.

  16. OMG! It is finally up! Congratulations to both of you! Let me go check out the goodies…

  17. wow!!the name has got a nice ring to it!!
    congrats and best wishes to both of u!

  18. Thanks everyone for your tremendous support. Do spread the word among family and friends.
    – Sharon

  19. wow.. Awesome!!! Congrats Rekha & Sharon!!! Wish you lot of success in your new venture!!!

  20. Thanks for all the lovely wishes, would love to see each of you own a Style Radha product. 🙂

  21. cool name…and wonderful venture..congratulations…:)

  22. Congrats and best wishes dearies!

    Home store Hmm.. something to pride upon !

    Good going girls!

  23. Love the name.."Style Radha". Congratulations Sharon & Rakha..!
    All the best.

  24. Awesome news! Congrats Sharon and Rekha!! Way to go girls 🙂

  25. Hey Sharon…like i said the other day…a Big Congrats to you & Rekha. Wish you all the success.