Anniversary Give Away: Wise Tote from Clean Planet

This Cool Tote can be yours!

It’s time to reward our readers who have been encouraging us through comments, suggestions and feedback ever since The Keybunch was born. The second blogversary month was great fun with so many of you ‘Saying it with Flowers’. Obviously, we can’t end the celebrations without a giveaway, right? So, here is your chance to win a cool tote from Clean Planet.

Clean Planet is the brainchild of a group of designers, marketers, and all-round good people who are committed to creating products that are both stylish and eco-friendly. These enthusiastic group of people are committed to make a difference in the world by spreading awareness in the virtual world through their blog and showing that eco-fashion need not be boring by designing stylish products. I love the tag line of Clean Planet which says ‘No one can do everything, but everyone can do something’.

As we go through life we all find nuggets of wisdom that shape our lives, liberate us, and bring us joy. All you have to do is share your nugget of wisdom with us and in turn we’ll give our nugget of wisdom – The Wise Tote – to the one that inspires us the most :).
Now for the rules:
 – Any wise nuggets will do, just share your nugget of wisdom from your experience..
 – Blog, tweet and promote this giveaway on your personal spaces to up your chances at winning this giveaway. Make sure you share the link with us.
 – Contest is open to all The Keybunch readers. Hurray!
 – The last date for entries is September 30. Team Clean Planet picks the winner.

Get going and share your nugget of wisdom. Who knows, you could be flaunting this stylish new tote soon! Oh btw, don’t forget to check out the Clean Planet blog and connect with them on Facebook.


  1. wow such a nice giveway,..

  2. wow!! I strongly believe we are responsible for the borrowed planet…i say borrowed because I have grown up believing in an Old Native American proverb – " We have borrowed the planet from our future generations, and have to give it back to them in a great shape!!"

  3. If you can't take care of it, step aside and leave it to those who can. I believe this strongly. Most people don't just 'not do anything' but stand in the way of those who do! Way to go, Clean Planet!

    Rekha, tweet is here :):

    And the post is here:

  4. happy Anniversary Key Bunch. We wish you many more years on this blog world. Tote looks stylish and cool. Wisdom Nugget..umm how many did I bite offlate? thinking… 🙂

  5. Happy anniversary Key bunch. love your blog and would love to see many more great posts in future.
    I believe in Eco friendly green living and by that I mean, min use of plastics, reuse and recreating things as much as we can and planting trees to make our surroundings greener.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    My Nuggets of Wisdom 😛

    Lets all come together
    To nurture the nurturer
    For that’s the real treasure
    We can pass on to generations to come
    Come one
    Come All
    To create
    A Clean Planet

    Some practical tidbits:
    Create best out of waste
    Go Green
    Save Trees

    Blogged and tweeted about it!

  7. Great Giveaway and congrats again!

  8. What an awesome… awesome.. giveaway!! Congrats once again…

  9. wow nice giveaway! some things that I do are:

    try to avoid using AC and instead leave the windows open during the day with the blinds closed so that the house doesnt get heated up much

    Use reusable bags to buy produce.

    Buy groceries only once in a week to avoid using gas

    Plan trips such that maximum work is done in one trip outside

    Reusing paper, plastic and also giving things to recycle at the recycling centers

  10. Great giveaway! and the Keybunch rocks!

    My nugget of wisdom:

    reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle. every little bit helps!

  11. TheKeyBunch guys simply rock! I guess they know how to win hearts. Love reading the blog. As far as our duty to pay to our Planet Earth is concerned. It should be from within. Words and quotes remain where they are if we don't change. Little changes can do wonders and I'm sure many are doing their bit to contribute towards clean planet. If we are paying our contribution, we can bring a bigger change by changing the people in our surroundings. I'm glad to share it on my twitter space.
    Here's a tweet link (

  12. This is really a nice one … Congratulations Rekha and Sharon.

    ‘No one can do everything, but everyone can do something’.

    This line says it all, we are the ones who are responsible for our planet so clean planet starts from home.

    Here are few of my suggestions

    Replace all the plastic in your kitchen with either glass or metal as it was in our parents time.

    Going organic is another way to save our planet from harmful effects of chemicals.

    Using solar powered appliances like geyser and solar cooker and trapping solar energy for lights etc.

    Using lot of eco friendly materials like cloth, jute creatively in the home.


  13. Thats a lovely tote!! I am a fan of their products and their page on FB!! very cool and chic bags!!
    My wisdom nuggets: Action speaks louder than words.Don't just talk about helping the environment, do it!!

  14. Congrats Keybunch!..Amazing giveaway!
    My wisdom nugget:

  15. Nice giveaway, you guys are awesome!

    Here's my 2 cents worth of wisdom…think of the earth planet as something precious you are going to hand down to your children, just as you would a family heirloom…..after all they will inherit it some day!
    So remember:

    Take nothing but pictures.
    Leave nothing but footprints.
    Kill nothing but time.

    Have a great day!

  16. Commendable Effort n hope the CLEAN PLANET drive picks up like fire.

    Well to start with we each could simply try n keep are homes n neighborhood locality clean, instill the rt qualities 'not to litter, save water, electricity, cooking gas, patrol, paper etc) in our children, plant trees, shrubs, flowers / potted containers @ home wherever possible.

    Guess that could make a teeny tiny difference ard in the world.

  17. Hi again, Here's the Link….Do check it out gals…. Hope you like it 🙂

  18. hi my entry for the giveway,

    If we keep waiting for others to do something,it wont happen
    If we keep thinking we will do it later ,it wont happen
    If we have to do something we have to do it today and now
    Nothing can be achieved by just talking
    Everything can be achieved by doing.
    Be it anything start now.

    have blogged about it and shared my nuggets too,.