An ode to the artist!

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As artists you are passionate about your work

You presume everyone knows you, knows your work

But, the truth is, us non-arty kinds don’t!
We may see it, appreciate it and forget it…
That’s life, hun!
So, this is just a friendly reminder to you dear artist,
Your work is special, it should be
You have labored and put yourself into it
It sure hurts when someone else claims it as her own
It ain’t right! It’s not acceptable! It’s wrong! Condemn it!
But if someone simply doesn’t know it’s your style, your inspiration,
your sweat and blood
There are nicer ways to tell them, to remind them, or just ask them to change a line,
Than label them with the first expletive off your head.
 – Sharon 
I was inspired to write this in light of recent events in the blogosphere. My co-bloggers will know what I am talking about! Sometimes, we gotta say, what we gotta say!
All images are mine. Please do not use or share without permission.


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