A Stunning Chair Planter DIY (for Real) by Veena Singh

A Stunning Chair Planter DIY - Veena Singh

Remember seeing all those up-cycled chair planters on Pinterest and saying, “Wow! I want to do this!” And did you? No! Neither did I. But Veena Singh did. Be like Veena Singh.

A Stunning Chair Planter DIY - Veena Singh

She’s a grandmother, and she’s unstoppable! She’s an avid home decor and gardening enthusiast, and wait, I have to tell you so much more! Her other interests are gardening and art. She dabbles in all media, but specialises in Mysore Traditional and Tanjore paintings, even winning a State award for my work in 1992.

Says Veena, “I am passionate about all my hobbies and love creative work in any field. This also helps me with a positive attitude in life. I have also received prizes for my cooking, cake decorations, flower arrangements etc. I love needle work. With so many hobbies and interests I have no problem in keeping myself busy”. And I really needed to share all this about Veena with you, because like me, when you look at these images of her chair, you are sure to have wanted to know her better!

Veena is here to talk about her drop-dead stunning DIY Chair Planter! I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had also titled her story, so I will let her take over!

The Royal Seat

“The summer sun casts its brightness and enhances the yellow glow of the antique planter, a family heirloom from which the nestling green and variegated tresses flow.

A Stunning Chair Planter DIY - The Royal Seat

This antique chair which I’m going to use as a planter is my favourite because it has been in our family for more than 100yrs. It was lying broken and unused. These are the things which attract me and make me think of using them in unorthodox ways. For others it was a waste and for me… it was and is priceless. I could feel the connection with our ancestors. Then just a dash of paint and voilĂ … results are here before you!

Choosing and potting the plants

Select a few plants once the chair is ready after the paint has dried up. I have chosen Agloenema and spider plant here, to give colour and have different shapes

Potting the plants

For plants you have two options… you can plant them in the planter with the potting soil or just arrange them in the tub in the pot itself, the way you like. The first option limits your choice of plants. Thew second option will enable you to keep changing your plants whenever you like it

Potting the plants

Create a stunning backdrop for the Upcycled chair

I had this set of paintings of colourful Rajasthani folks done in Acrylic and then embroidered (have bead and sequence work also on them) colour of the chair and the tub was selected keeping these paintings in mind.

A stunning backdrop for the Upcycled chair

If you want to fill up a corner, you can add some more plants (two more varieties of Aglaonema and a fern in this case) around it.

A stunning backdrop for the Upcycled chair

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  1. Priceless ……beeeeeeautiful !!!Am not surprised at the uniqueness of the idea- it’s YOU !!!