{The Purple Turtles Giveaway} Winners and Winning Entries

The Purple Turtles Giveaway

A Saturday b’day is always special, and I am so happy to also announce the winners of The Purple Turtles Giveaway.

There are 3 winners and here they are:
1. Reshma Sharma wins the large birdcage lantern
2. Rama Ananth wins the small birdcage lantern
3. Payal Parmar wins the beautiful t-light holder

Congrats to the winners!

bird cages the beautiful t-light holder

I am sure you are dying to see the pics they sent in, so here they are

The Winning Entries

light up the staircase
Reshma’s pic of her lit up home has won her the beautiful large bird cage. Says Reshma,
“I wanted to light up my staircase for along time and somehow I used to skip it because
of the umpteen things one has to do but this year thankfully I stuck to the task and was
elated when I saw my dining section of the home glowing along with the stairs.
It was a wonderful sight and I could spend the entire evening just gazing at it :)”

Dipawali decoration
Rama Ananth was not planning to decorate her home for Diwali, but she did a volte face
when she heard about this contest. She says, “I tried out something new, and used a
christmas train set I bought on one of my trips abroad around my floating candles and
flowers for this Deepawali: Let there be light, fragrance and colors in our lives!!!”

table vignette
Payal has sent in this gorgeous picture of a table vignette that
she specially designed this Diwali in her home.

I request Reshma, Rama and Payal to contact me with their addresses so that the gifts can be delivered~ 🙂

It has been a truly wonderful experience hosting this giveaway. I thank Raadeesh and Tejaswi from The Purple Turtles, and I thank each one of the participants for making it a runaway success!


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Discovered your blog accidentally and have spent the last half an hour reading posts here. I must compliment you on a beautifully written blog.

    Do visit us at onthedesignboat.blogspot.in – its a blog on everything that is design.

    also let us know what you think about it

    Team OTDB

  2. loved Reshma's deco for Diwali… been staring at the pic for long !!!

  3. Loved the other two pictures of Diwali celebrations. They really look absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for inspiring me to participate in this contest. It is your inspiration that got me the prize. And congratulations to the other winners too!!!!
    Thanks to the whole team.

  4. OMG! I won! 😀 Thank you so so much. Yayyiee!
    Loved Reshma's and Rama's decor – absolutely beautiful.
    And how cute it is to decorate with a train set! Congratulations to both of them too! 🙂
    Thanks again.

  5. Loved the last two pictures. Great decorations..

  6. oh wow!! Truly deserving winners..