Home Tour: Colours Mingle Tastefully at the Dwivedis’ Pune Home

Anushika describes herself as full of energy, color and life. She is a self-proclaimed Plantaholic – Addicted to plants and can’t get enough of them! She says, “There is am array of aspirations bottled up inside me. I love nature, animals, the incredible fragrance of wet soil. I love doing up my home, trying my hand at photography, canvas painting, decoupage art and being the designated chef for parties organized by close friends and relatives.”

I have seen that most people passionate about home decor have had a defining influencer in their lives while they were growing up. In Anushika’s case, it was her mother. She says, “I have been raised by a mother who chose to be a homemaker and raise me and my three sisters – despite being outstanding in studies and knowing that she could have had a shining career if she wanted to. A question often posed to my mother was – ‘How in the world do you manage to keep your house clean with all those kids (4 kids)’. My mother took out time to put together a basic cleaning schedule – what gets done by whom and when. It goes a long way in keeping the sanity. So here is Anushikha telling you all about her penchant for colours, and how she gravitates towards certain colours.

I drew inspiration from my mother to create the beautiful haven for myself. We have a small abode (900 sq. ft. apartment) and I decided to give free rein to my creativity in decorating and furnishing my house. My few acquisitions naturally were furniture, matching upholstery, console table, artefacts etc. There is perhaps no home décor accent like the cushions that can accentuate the background colors in the room & is an instant way to add drama to one’s décor.

If you analyze the colors that I’ve used in my home, you can easily tell that I usually have a turquoise/teal undertone to my decor”. These are pictures of her bedroom, and you will see what she means!

“Choosing color for our walls/perking up the walls with stickers, wall decals, photo frames, paintings etc is a challenging task because we surrender to the pressures of trend, family lifestyle.

But I like experimenting with color schemes and combinations, and bringing them alive in my space.

I found a gorgeous turquoise paint color but it was just a little too bright & overwhelming to use for all four walls. Hence I decided to paint one wall with that color & the other walls with a neutral tone, so that people can enjoy the shade on the accent wall without it being overpowering.

I have several Buddha Idol statues that adds an eclectic zing to my décor.

Yellow is the best color to create enthusiasm for life, it seems to offer hope, happiness, cheerfulness. I have used yellow with confidence & élan on Kitchen, bedroom & living room walls.

Home to me is a place where I can be 100% me, where I don’t have to be perfect, a place that evokes a sigh of relief as I walk in, welcomes me with open arms J

I love hosting people at our home. I owe it to my mum for all that I have learned in etiquettes, recipes, dining styles (lay out/set-up)

Home Décor items are mostly sourced from Fab India/At Home/Flea Markets (which has the most sophisticated yet affordable global décor)

Thank you Anushikha, for sharing these corners of your home. Did you like this home tour? Check our other home tours out by following this link!


  1. It’s amazing Anu…

  2. It is very colorful….in fact too much color and you know what, yet it is so pleasing to the eyes….you have done one excellent job ….loved the plant addiction as I myself is one myself much to my dearest husband’s despair….but here the zone where I lived, winter is so harsh ….my indoor greenery gives me the feeling of “Life”…………loved the plant filled varanda/balcony………great house…….