DIY: Wall art with Discarded Color Pencils

DIY: Wall art with Discarded Color Pencils

If you have kids at home, you will get me when I say that the home is filled with tiny color pencils. They come from different sources: gifted by various airlines or at restaurants, or even as birthday return gifts.

I have always liked them and saved them knowing one day I would use them. And now I have.

I made this beautiful wall decor piece, from all the color pencils lying around my home. I am sure you are dying to try it out yourself, so let’s get started.

What you need

An old plate, color pencils, hot glue gun, steel wire, wire cutter, a hand drill machine








1. Stick the pencils (in as attractive an arrangement as you can manage) on the plate ith the help of a glue gun.

2. Use the drill to drill a hole on top of the plate.


3. Cut two 12 cm long steel wires and make a loop with the help of cutting tool. Twist and hang them as displayed in this picture.


4. Embellish with buttons


5. Pretty up your favorite place!


This wall piece now adorns my terrace wall, bringing splashes of color in the frost.


Ed. note. For a variation, you could also embellish an oval mirror in a similar manner, for a wonderful kid’s room accessory!

All pics courtesy Sunita Mosa Do not copy, lift, modify or reuse without permission