Color Basics: How to pick the perfect palette?

Color Basics: How to pick the perfect palette?

Violet, yellow, orange, blue – pastel, earthy, monochrome, cool? Ever wished that selecting the right hues for home was as easy as shelling peas? Sure, there are color wheels, free tools, and guidelines available online to help your color up like a pro. But one look at the range of beautiful shades and there you are left wondering about where to start. Next time you plan to get your home painted, just bear in mind the following smart pointers and you will be creating the perfect color palette for your home décor.

Paint Color Ideas for Rooms:

• Transform your bedroom into a real retreat – your own private sanctuary with a soft and soothing pastel palette. Trust colors like pale blue, aquamarine, vanilla, pale rose, soft grey, mint, and mauve to create a cozy, soothing, and inviting boudoir any day.
• Make an awesome, bold, and dramatic statement with dark, deep, unconventional hues. Colors like rustic red, midnight blue, teal, deep green, black, magenta not only add depth, dimension, and contrast to your bedroom walls, but also sets the perfect stage for your woods and lights.

Purple Turtles ColorTry neutral for dramatic decor. Via

• How do you make a dramatic entrance? Simple! Coat the space with intense, warm, welcoming hues like tomato red, coral, black, purple, chocolate, powdery green, or gray to pique all interests.
• For a more colorful punch, try blue, pink, and turquoise with white or grey accents to create bright and happy entryways.

• Why settle for all-white or all-tile kitchen when you can add some wow factor with colors like golden honey, wheat, light green, cream, brown and more.
• Add a contemporary dash to your cooking space with raspberry, yellow, orange, gray-blue, aquamarine green and more. And yes, do not hesitate to try colors like moss green, red, blue and ivory white on your cabinets for added oomph.

Kids Room
• Ditch the baby blues and baby pinks and opt for more energetic, more creative and peppier hues like lilac, sea blue, yellow, autumn white, calamine, and lavender for a more upbeat space.
• Create a playful escape for your kids with vibrant combinations like mint and blue, light yellow and green, navy and red.

color palette - studio tour Pic via this amazing studio tour on this blog

Tips to choose colors
• Always pick your paint color last. One rule of thumb is to plan your room first and then select a hue to complement all other things in your space like your furniture and fabrics.
• If opting for bright colors on your walls, ensure that rest of your furnishings are in neutral.
• Pick a color that plays up the architectural features of your room, subtly emphasizes the focal point, or adds a layer of interest to your complete décor.
• Ensure that the color you pick complements and enhances your doorways, windows, doors, moldings, built-in shelves, etc.
• Never hesitate to try two different colors in the same room. Just ensure that the colors provide a visual connection with the rest of the setting.
• Think of places and spaces you love for inspiration.

summer colors palette - Deepa and Sriram's home tourVibrant summer colors from Deepa and Sriram’s home tour

Colors are the most defining aspect of your homes. Choose your shades correctly and watch your homes bloom. Explore the latest home interior trends to stay abreast of new styles in home decor. Also, do check out Aradhana Anand’s home tour for bold and eclectic color inspiration.


Cover image from this home tour on The Keybunch.

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