Children’s Bedroom Decorating: A DIY Wondersack

Children's Bedroom Decorating: A DIY Wondersack

I call it a wonder sack because it is a multipurpose wonder. Ours is a household with kids, and soft toys are woven into our memories of milestones and special celebrations. At times it becomes really difficult to part with them, but their presence can make a kids room full and messy. I came up with this idea of a wonder sack. It keeps all their soft toys out of sight, so it solves the mess problem, and my kids are happy as they can still hang on to their toys!

You will need:

Two different types of thick fabric

A jute twine

Two wooden pearls

Children's Bedroom Decorating

Tools required:

Scissors, scale, measuring tape, sewing machine / needle, matching yarn, punch to make holes.


1. Depending on the number of soft toys you want to store, decide the size of the circle which will become the top. Fold the first fabric into two folds, measure radius + 1 1/2 inches (for stitching). Mark the fabric and cut it into a circle.

Children's Bedroom Decorating

2. For sides, take the second fabric and measure

Length = circumference of the circle + 2 inches

Breadth = the desired height of the sack + the radius of the circle (for base) + 1 inch for top and 4 inches for bottom stitching.

Mark the length and breadth on the fabric and cut the rectangle.

3. Either with a sewing machine or hand, stitch the two ends of the rectangle together forming a cylindrical shape. Stitch the circle to one end. If the side fabric is bit longer than the circle, then just make small pleats and stitch.

Children's Bedroom Decorating

4. Fold two inches of fabric and stitch the other end. Punch holes at equal distance. Make either a braid or take two folds of twine and pass it through the holes. Close the ends with a wooden pearl on each end. Fill the sack with the soft toys.

Children's Bedroom Decorating

Once the sack is filled, it can be used to sit, to jump, to lay and whenever you need, you can take the toys out to play… A happy home is where both mom and kid are happy… enjoy your happy home.

Children's Bedroom Decorating

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