Video Door Phone Security by Godrej

It’s a busy day for me. As a freelancer, I often work out of my home office. Today is different. I am out, all day, meeting clients, taking a quick break to lunch with a friend who I haven’t met in ages. As I walk into the restaurant, my phone beeps. I am tempted to ignore it, but I reluctantly glance at the screen. Gosh! It’s a forwarded call from my front door. I realized that I had forgotten that my stash of organic veggies for the week were due to be delivered.

The delivery man was at my door, and if I hadn’t been alerted, I would have completely missed the package. You see they deliver only on Fridays in my area, and if no one is home, they take it back, and I am forced to buy my veggies from the supermarket close by!

But as I hang up, I am relaxed. Since I could communicate with the delivery guys remotely, I was able to let them know that my neighbour would collect the veggies for me and pay them. I quickly called up my neighbour and it was sorted!

This is just one of the many advantages of installing the new Godrej Video Phone door security system at my front door. Over the 2 weeks I have been using it, it’s become a fast friend! While I find the call forwarding feature really useful, I also love the fact that my kids are safe when they are alone at home. The device has made us a wee bit lazy, because we can remotely open the front door!

Video Door Phone Security by Godrej

Let me tell you more. The See Thru- VDP 7 is quite a revolutionary device. Besides the above features, it works well for my home because

  • Though I live in an apartment society, the hallway outside my door is exclusive to my home. It’s long and wide, but the See Thru- VDP 7 covers up to 2 door cameras, 4 CCTV cameras, 3 monitors and 1 interphone. I have a large balcony, and I have opted to install a CCTV camera there, which really makes my home secure.
  • I can also be a good neighbor and install one of my unused CCTV cameras at my neighbor’s front door (especially since they are senior citizens who are dear to us, plus they travel a lot) and connect it to my door phone.
  • There have been instances of senseless vandalism with kids from the society. Some creep up, scratch the door and run away, the naughtier little ones creep up, ring the bell and do the same. The camera is enabled with motion detection software to capture images of unusual movement outside the door. While it helps us to monitor the little monsters, there is a feeling of safety knowing that bigger dangers can also be averted.
  • Visitors can be viewed on the TV set. It’s a TV addict’s dream come true! 😉
  • I sometimes leave the kids home alone for short durations. Since they have been thoroughly trained about door opening safety anytime the doorbell chimes, they are a little wary of visitors when they are home alone. But with the new video door phone, they can not only see who is at the door, the two-way audio communication lets them ask the visitor to come back later without having to open the door.

Video Door Phone Security by Godrej

Home security is very important. But I didn’t realize how much I had been worrying about the safety of my home and loved ones, until I installed the new video phone, and stopped worrying. The peace of mind I have now, is hard to describe. But it’s something I recommend to every one of you. Be happy, stay safe!

For more details about the See Thru- VDP 7 from Godrej Security Solutions, click here


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