What’s The Keybunch really about?

The Keybunch is a lifestyle blog that features heart-stoppingly beautiful, aesthetic, inspiring living ideas, for a niche group of people that loves homemade, handmade and gorgeous things/ ideas to add color and meaning to their daily lives.








I grew up in Mangalore where the living is slow and easy. The benefits of living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else, there’s a beach close by to unwind at the end of the week, gorgeous home cooked meals  and mango trees for kids to climb on or hide away in!

My blog lets my audience come together in a similar way – warmth,aesthetics,small indulgences, a touch of whimsy, and a fervent need to live sustainable, pro-environment lives – isn’t that  really what life is all about?

Who is this blog for?

Our target audience

My core audience is made up of Women and Men in the age group of 28 to 45.
However, to narrow it down, my audience
  • Is always looking out for new and aesthetic ways to decorate their home
  •  Loves home tours
  • Loves all things vintage, chic and traditional
  •  Loves a good book to settle down with on a cold day!
  • Thinks summer is for idyllic relaxing on hammocks, beach chairs or pretty picnic settings! 
  •  Is socially evolved and stands up for justice, causes and unethical practices
  •  Loves their cup of coffee (or chai!) and has a collection of beautiful cups and mugs to enjoy it in!
  • Loves all things natural, handmade and environment-friendly Loves fabrics and textures, loves to mix colors and loves creativity
  • Loves cooking from scratch, loves the effort of pouring in love, and serving wholesome food and indulgent treats to friends and family

Why should they care? 😀

  • Unique stories and ideas that are home-made, tried and tested

  • Home tours that appeal and inspire.

  • Food that is wholesome and decadent! 

  • Hosting ideas that are extraordinary yet doable! 

  • A focus on fair-trade, ethical production and eco-friendly, upcycling ideas.

Why am I the best person to blog about this?

This is a niche interest group. My readers are people who care.

These are stories that I am the best person to source for my readers because we share the same design sensibilities, similar ideas on upcycling and ethical production.
We love a bit of whimsy in our lives, and think nothing of just taking the day off to sip a cuppa in the outdoors, doing nothing….just living!

If you wish to connect with my audience, please read my PR page.