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somu preethi Woodoz.com on thekeybunch.com

When Somu and Preethi Padmanabhan had trouble getting a furniture store to custom-make a table in the dimensions they had in mind, what did they do? They decided to do it themselves! Yes, this venture that began on a whim, became their passion. They did not stop at that table. They went on to make many more home decor items themselves – from art work to a breakfast-in-bed tray, to painted bottles and other household pretties! You can read all about their journey on their blog woodooz.com. I am so glad they have a blog, and that I found them because Somu has very kindly offered to guide me through 2 of my first DIY furniture jobs.

So I will leave you with some pics of their DIY projects, and do hop over to their blog and interact with them.

painted pots Woodoz.com on thekeybunch.com painted madhubani bottle Woodoz.com on thekeybunch.com Woodoz.com on thekeybunch.com centre table, painting Woodoz.com on thekeybunch.com Madhubani Wall Hanging

All images courtesy woodooz.com



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